Locked out of mde

With the recent changes in the FP+ system, if you have been locked out of your MDE, can you post the reason you were given why this happened when you contacted MS or the help desk?

With all the rumors, comments, speculations, etc, wanted first hand knowledge.


not sure if it will get zapped for not but… https://www.disboards.com/threads/has-anybody-been-actually-locked-out-of-their-mde.3610199/

The tread was closed

From chat @kticern I hope it’s ok to post here. If not let me know and I will delete

DO NOT USE CPFP day of once you are in if the person with the original booking didn’t enter the park that day. Also do not use GLFP! My account was flagged. All GLFP were removed by Disney. No account was locked though. I spoke with GS and they said…
24 min ago by kticern

After so many attempts, I am going to guess 2 cause that is what I did, the FP are removed. After an unknown number of times of use your account will be locked. They can remove the lock only once. After that you will be permanently unable to make FP.
8 min ago by kticern

DO NOT EVEN TRY IT is my advice. There are plenty of FP to go around these days. Much better than last month. Not worth losing the FP privilege. I will update tomorrow if my account gets locked overnight though GS didn’t think it would.
7 min ago by kticern


What is CPFP and GLFP, please?

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They are references to making FPs by either copying the FP to your account from someone that has a ticket but has not used it to enter the park or using that magic band or ticket

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Thank you :slight_smile:

I was wondering if there are any additional reports about MDE accounts being locked?