Locals chime in, WDW/US

Agreed. We had such a poor experience at Oliva’s they fully comped our brunch. How do you mess up brunch? Also didn’t care for the bacon-jam. Just weird.

Home Cookin’ hands down, and also City Works has a good brunch.

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DH didnt’ like this either

Odd… the last several visits to the main gift shop in the CR this song has been playing.

Is it the muppets version? :thinking:



When we went to guest services to swap out our previous AP card for the new 50th, they simply activated a new one. Now both are active cards on our MDE.


Nope, it’s not the muppet’s version playing in the gift shop. I listened to several on YouTube trying to match what I was hearing. I think the first time heard Mahna mahna was on the Ed Sullivan show or a similar show of that era.

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Do you have two APs attached to your name? I still only have one AP assigned to me.

ETA: when my old AP was still active, but I had renewed it I had two APs show up. The one dropped off on its expiration date. Is that what you are seeing?

MDE shows that i am a FL Resident passholder

Then under all my “magic bands and tickets,” it does show both AP ticket cards numbers as active.

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:thinking: that seems odd

ETA: w/ some searching I too see my old card type AP as still active. I had to dig for the number. I would have never looked. :smirk:

I did not have to give up my yellow card to get the new 50th one. Both are active and can be used interchangeably.

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I think it’s just separate physical cards attached to the same account. So they can have the souvenir card. Like having multiple magic bands.

That probably would have been the muppets too. :laughing:

The history of that song was kind of interesting. I’m pretty sure the first time I heard it was The Muppet Show.

The Muppets version does not sound anything like I’ve heard in the CR gift shop. It’s been playing every time I’ve gone in there . The one I selected to share sounds like the version they are playing. I know it would make sense to use the Muppet version in the store but it really isn’t.

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oh yeah… I used to watch Red Skelton all the time… that’s gotta’ be where I first heard it.

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Why are all these kids out of school?!? Just for you @LTinNC82

And a tree for @OBNurseNH and food for @amvanhoose

Is that groot up there?




I just saw a gentleman with the McDonald’s 50th ears headband. And seriously why are there so many kids out of school?!? I don’t really care but selfishly want less bodies in the park, in the fall, when school is in session. One benefit of being retired is being able to do things to avoid kids. No, I don’t hate kids either.

Georgous weather. Low humidity @mousematt

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I think eventually an astute Liner will be able to construct a composite of your face from peripheral shots, window reflections, etc. (Not me, I’m not that devoted lol.)


Dang it! I’ll need to be more careful :rofl:. Nice CM let in in to sit while waiting to draw Bruce. Asked if I had LL or standby. Just sb. Haven’t been out here since my kids were little sooooo 16 years