Local Liners I need help!

My DH and I are currently looking to buy or build a house in the Orlando area! We are looking for something in the mid-low 100’s range in a safe area with good schools! Can anyone lead me in the right direction! I have been doing lots of research but I’m about researched out! Help!

I live 2 hrs north so I Can’t help but… Congrats!!! How exciting!!!


Congrats! I know I’ve mentioned her before but Vanessa is incredibly knowledgeable of the area. We literally wouldn’t have bought our house without her help. And her husband works for Disney! (added bonus LOL). Tell her the Podiatrists from NY sent ya :wink: I didn’t research the schools in our area because DD’s all in college but we got a 4BR, 3Bathroom 1700 sq ft fully furnished house with a screened in pool in a gated community for well under $200K. http://www.simplyfloridarealestate.com/about.php

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Thanks @pod4christ! What area did you purchase in? We are trying to stay in the mid 100s and we are looking in Clermont, davenport, winter Haven etc but I’m so nervous and want to make sure it’s a good area with good schools! I’ll definetly talk to your realtor and see what advice she can give! Thanks!

Davenport. Off 27 just south of I-4. There are lots of choices in your price range if you don’t want a private pool.

Davenport is a wonderful place to buy – except for the schools. Polk County schools are some of the worst in the state (consistently coming in around a “C” grade, and having 50% or less of their students proficient last year in Reading, Math, Writing, and Science. They’ve also been in the news lately because of a couple of major bullying cases (usually ending up in suicides). If you plan to home school (or do virtual school), it would be a great option, though.

Winter Haven has all the disadvantages of the bad Polk County schools, plus the real estate being really hit or miss in terms of quality and a higher-than-normal crime rate. I’d personally skip that one.

Clermont is in Lake County, and the schools are pretty good up there. If you’re looking at Lake County, you might also try Minneola.

Depending on how wide you are casting your net, you could try St. Cloud in Osceola County or head up to parts of Seminole County.

For your budget, I’d advise staying away from new construction, but there are a lot of options out there for resale properties. Are you absolutely set on a single-family home, or would a town home or condo work for you and your family? If you are okay with a town home or condo, then a LOT of options open up in your price range in some really nice parts of the area.

Where will you be working? That might give some idea about where you would want to look for a house.

Thanks for the school info @mascardofamily. Any links you have with more data state wide on schools? I’m a teacher trying to move to Florida and looking for a good fit. Thanks :slight_smile: