LMA Permenantly Closing in April

Breaking news fro WDWMagic

What has me most interested is this comment “Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show and nearby locations around Streets of America will be closing on April 2, 2016.”

The italics are mine. I am wondering what falls into the “nearby locations”…?


This news will make my DH and DD sad, but it won’t bother me a bit!:smile: That show was one and done for me.


I agree. I’m glad I saw it once “to have seen it”, but for me it was 60 min of my life I’ll never get back…

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Ha! Exactly!

OK, what is left to do in HS now? Another week, another attraction closing…

I was just thinking the same thing. There is already a legitimate discussion about HS being a half day park or skipping it all together. I’m wondering if this news pushes people one way or the other ?

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I am not too sad about this either. Looking forward to better things hopefully


It is funny, I was catching up on podcasts the last few days and BOG podcast was paying tribute to wdwtoday by playing “oddsmaker”. One of the questions concerned LMA closing in 2016. They thought it would stay open a while since it could hold 5,000 a show and during the holidays where will those people go? Are they counting on the fact that no one will go to HS?

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Not surprising news at all, considering where SW is going to be that half of the park. I have a feeling Indiana Jones may be following soon. Unless you’re a big SW fan, the pickings will be slim at HS.

I’m going in the end of March. Will see it offf into the Disney history books, but it was never a must do attraction.

We are going in two weeks and my boys loved this show 3 years ago when we went, and are looking forward to it again! I’m glad we’ll be there before it closes down.

Exactly what we’re now trying to decide. First time visit in mid-April. Kids won’t do Muppets or ToT so not sure HS is worth it for us… Need to make FP reservations in a couple weeks. :confused: