LL + HS Shows =?

Hi all! I am super excited to be spending a day at HS with my DD6. She is not into anything remotely possibly mildly scary. So. That means we will be doing ALL the shows - Disney junior dance party :heavy_check_mark: Beauty and the beast :heavy_check_mark: Frozen :heavy_check_mark: (You get the idea) so my question is does G+/LL help with shows? Do you get better seating ? Or just get to show up closer to start time? And how late exactly can you arrive if you have LL? Thanks so much for any help!

It just gets you in earlier to choose your seat. I wouldn’t probably buy it just for the shows. They normally have a window 30-15 minutes before the show starts.


Thanks! Do you know if it guarantees seating? If you show up 5 min before the show do you still get in just with less seating choice?

I’d say no, it does not guarantee seating. Often, the LL is effectively used only until maybe 15 minutes before a show, then they open it up to all standby to fill all the remaining spaces. Don’t wait too long.

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I’m not sure how it works with the grace period for shows, but no seating is guaranteed. LL just gives you an earlier chance for better seats. If you won’t get there early enough for the benefit I wouldn’t bother booking that LL.


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