Living with the Land before Soarin'?

I have an EPCOT plan ( that I’ve optimized a few times. I need to pick up an assistive device for my mom first thing, so we start off about 15 minutes behind after rope drop. The plan is saying that if I do Soarin’ first, we’ll wait in line for 34 minutes there and then 10 or so minutes at LWTL, so it’s saying to do LWTL first(no wait) and Soarin’ after(32 min wait). I guess I should trust the software with this? Or just go with the popular advice and go to Soarin’ as early as we can?

I’d do Soarin first, as that queue will build faster


I’d check the standby wait at Soarin when you come in to the pavilion. If it is equal to or shorter than your plan says, ride it first. If it’s longer, ride LWTL first (because Soarin will probably be about the same after you’re done).

Good idea @WDWRDpro I’ll probably do that.

@MalkaR, I took a closer look at your plan just to make sure I wasn’t giving bad advice. One thing I noted is that it (because it doesn’t know better) gives you a 1-minute walk between GR and LWTL, which of course isn’t realistic. Of course it also starts at 9 and they may open part or all of the park earlier too, which would balance that out. So anyway, if you arrive at The Land pavilion later than what your plan says (9:17), I would go ahead and do Soarin first. Ultimately, on a low crowd day such as yours, it probably is not going to matter which order you do that early, but waits will start to build around 9:45 as FPs start showing up and early Test Track and Frozen riders come back. The TouringPlans forecast for your day does show a tiny dip in wait times around 9:30 as the rope drop crowd comes out of the ride, which is why it is having you do it second. Looking at some recent days, that slight dip is real but has to be perfectly timed to be utilized. If you can optimize your plan in the park on that day, it may switch things up as the predictions adjust real-time.

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Thank you @WDWRDpro . I didn’t think about the fact that it doesn’t take the walk from GR to LWTL into account. I plan on reoptimizing for each step, because we’ve never been to WDW and I have no idea how our touring style will be and I want the plan as accurate as possible. We do tons of day trips during the summer, but I know that WDW is a different animal.

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The optimization algorithm is programmed to give you the overall shortest wait time for the entire day. What it’s actually doing is looking at the two wait times. The first option has 34 plus 10 giving you a total of 44 min. The second option gives you 0 plus 32 giving you a total of 32 minutes. IF these numbers are accurate to the minute, you will save about 12 minutes total time doing LWTL first. But I find this to be within the “margin of error” for TP, so I would probably go ahead and do Soarin’ first.