LIVE Trip Report: Pop Century July 2nd-July 9th

This looks like much fun! I can’t wait to see your updates!

You are asking the wrong people to stop you! :smile:

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Love it!

I’m glad you have them booked. It will be a lot of time in restaurants, but since you are paying for it you might as well have the a/c, a waitress, and some good food options! As for Sci-Fi, we have been going there since my youngest was 7. He is my more timid child of the two. It is his favorite restaurant on property and a must do for him every trip. The videos aren’t really scary, mainly because they are so old. The content is more funny than anything. I bet she will enjoy it!


It looks like an awesome time. You have worked hard, I am sure it will be memorable.

I am glad you have added more TS meals. The others have advised you well.

Some extra magic when you visit the Tangles Tower, there are hidden pascals around the tower and garden, they are colored to blend in.

@tasham You seem almost as OCD as I am. I’m going with DS5 in November, his first trip! So we most likely have had the same thoughts too … wanting to do as much as we can to give our child a wonderful first trip. One item of concern is the Kali Rapids. Has she seen the video and okay with it? It’s not on my plans since DS is scared. Besides the concern, you’re plans are packed with a lot of awesome!

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I know it’s technically not a “fancy” restaurant, but hey, we will be the most fabulous dressed people there!

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@Jedilogray I want to thank you! As I know you’ve given me great advice & comments along the way! I can’t believe how relieved I am to be done planning & just focusing on watching the Disney movies and being “present” with my kiddo before our trip!

I love the idea of the hidden pascals! So cool… I will definitely make a point of having Esme check for them! She will be tickled pink!

Thanks @Lynn70053! I plan on having a completely child-focused trip! Although I’m 30, it’s all magical to me still too!!! In regards to the Kali Rapids, she did watch the video & was super thrilled about it! We have been on a similar ride at the Six Flags near us, so she is familiar with the format. This is again, one of those moments where I step back & ask myself if I know my daughter at all!!! As with many of the other Disney events, I didn’t expect her to want to do this… I had actually planned on doing the Nemo show instead. But she was firm that she didn’t care to watch Nemo or Lion King, but rather would ride Rafki’s Train & do Kali River! Kids!!!

That’s what it is all about!!! Pictures please

Project of the day: Package from Elsa

My daughter is an Elsa fanatic… so I’ve been using her to help me promote good behavior. About a month ago, Elsa promised my daughter that she’d send her a gift for the plane ride if she had good behavior & earned enough “disney dollars”. Well, she did! And now here’s her gift:

Elsa crown, Elsa doll & Anna doll. Easy & light to carry! Not too big to pack! I used free fonts from to write the letter.

Then had it “shipped” to my house, which I really just left it at the door for her to find. I will post pictures later of her reaction when she “finds” it… it’s going to be priceless…


Here’s the big reveal (I didn’t realize I mixed up my daughters address & Elsa’s address until I was opening the box with her… opps)! She didn’t even notice!



OMG you are so good. Amazing, I really cannot wait to hear more about your trip. Be careful you are setting a high standard that will be expected to repeat when you go again.

I hear you! I want to allow her to feel the “magic” while she still believes. Our older daughter is almost 9 & she doesn’t believe in much anymore… so this is my opportunity to monopolize on the moment with this kiddo. The next time we go will be with the whole family, so it will change how I approach it a little. OF COURSE I will still go “all out” with trying to make it magical, I just know it will be a different dynamic.


Project of the Day: DIY Mickey Hat

I couldn’t find a Mickey hat that I liked & that was “breathable”. So I decided to make one. I bought a black & grey hat at the Dollar General for $3.50 and some black & red glitter for $1 each. I had some white fabric paint at home, but it’s 50 cents at Walmart for those who are curious.

I started by making a Mickey shape on the center of the front of the hat, you can’t use too much of the fabric paint or it will drip (or droop as it dries). I then put red glitter over the paint, then put the black glitter over the red. It takes a while to dry, mine was approximately 12 hours!

This picture doesn’t do it as much justice as when it’s on my head & in the light. The red glitter comes through a lot better in the sun. You will see when I post pictures next week while celebrating July 4th! YAYAYAYYAY!


AH! I just got the “notification” from Touring Plans that my Room Request Fax had been sent & received by Pop! :smile: I am really starting to get nervous… I’m praying that when I get to Pop they will have a room ready for me, as I will be up since 2:00-2:30 AM to get to the airport on time. I have a feeling I’m going to be really tired & want a short break before getting to MK for my dinner reservations at 4:30 PM.

There are only 4 days before we fly out. While my family is gone for the afternoon, I started packing… wow did that become overwhelming. I ended up with 2 checked bags,1 carry on, a small back pack for my daughter & a stroller. I think I packed way more than I needed (which I hear is common for first timers). Quite honestly, most of the stuff I am taking is disposable, so I am hoping on the way back I can just pack one of my smaller suitcases in my large suit case! UNLESS I buy a ton of things at the Disney Shops… like Luminaire’s candlesticks for every room… Probably the later.

I was also hoping I could find a family who wanted my stroller (I bought it new to use for this trip, as it was cheaper than renting one there & it’s really durable). Maybe I will get lucky! Pay it forward, always!!!

Last project of the day, personalization of the magic bands:
I used temporary tattoos. Make sure you are careful not to SOAK or wet the magic band too much.

  1. Cut the tattoo to size.
  2. Put the dry temporary tattoo on the dry magic band.
  3. Wet a wash cloth and dab it onto the tattoo until the paper is completely wet.
  4. Hold the tattoo down firmly for about a minute
  5. Then lift the wet paper off.


That is so pretty. Did you do that? If yes, please share so I can do our. Thanks.

Are you talking about the magic bands? If so, I used temporary tattoos. It works great, just dont wet the band too much. I put the temporary tattoo on the band, dab a wet clothe on the tattoo until the paper peels off.

Yes. And thank u!