Live Trip Report? I haven’t quite decided if l’ll commit. 😉

DH and I leave today!!! Woohoo!!! There has been minor concern around here over the weather and if flights would be interrupted today. In true North Texas fashion our weather reporters started talking about the potential for a “major winter weather” event today on Sunday when it was 75 degrees. It wouldn’t be winter in Texas if we didn’t give ourselves a good 48 hours (AT LEAST PEOPLE) to work ourselves up about a potential snowfall (ahem, 0.5 inches) and if/when the school districts will delay/cancel school. Woke up to a gray, cold-but-above-freezing, rainy February day. Looks clear for the rest of the day around here and it seems as if our flight will be able to take off without any significant weather related delays.

Currently, we are scheduled to depart DFW at 8:26 and arrive at MCO at 12:11 am. I need to call DVC and confirm that our DME reservation is in fact set as we never received luggage tags (maybe because of the late arrival :woman_shrugging:t2:). I’m praying for an on time departure and that we will arrive at BWV by 1:30!

Here’s the rough plan:

Tonight - our one and only night in a boardwalk view room. Studio.

Tomorrow - switch over to a studio garden view room for the remainder of the trip. Skyliner to the Riviera for breakfast at Topolino’s. Back to Epcot, activate my AP, FARTS, Tiffins dinner and DAH at AK.

Friday - Walk to HS. Hopefully grab a BG for RotR. SWGE it up. Oga’s, Droids, MF, etc. Do what we can in TSL with any extra time we have. Dinner at Narcoossee’s. VDAH at MK.

Saturday - AK in the AM. Nomad (our first time!). Le Cellier brunch (last seating). More FARTS. Dinner at Flying Fish and late night cap at Raglan Road if we’re up for it.

Sunday - HS for whatever we missed on Friday. Leave by 11 and head to MCO.







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This is basically my dream get away weekend with H. Hope you have a blast!

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Sounds great!

It’s 1:39 am and we are here!! Flight was a bit bumpy but otherwise uneventful. When we got down to MDE it was CRAZY packed with cheer groups so we ditched and hopped in a taxi.

Here’s our lovely boardwalk view (without fancy night vision because I didn’t upgrade my iPhone :weary:). Can’t wait to see it in the daylight!! :heart_eyes:


Beautiful pics despite not getting the @Randall1028 iPhone 11. :grinning:


First Skyliner ride complete. I am a fan!! Waiting on our table. This resort is lovely!!! :heartpulse:


STARVING. DH is appalled I’m taking pictures with the characters.


I loved your other trip reports so I’m excited to follow along on this live one!

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Woohoo!!! International Gateway GR FTW!!



Not sure what those letters stand for.

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I think it’s guest relations for the win


That makes sense. I couldn’t get my brain to see GR as anything other then “Grand Rapids” (as in, Michigan)…which I knew couldn’t be correct. :slight_smile:

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I only got it because I recognized FTW and worked backwards. Then again maybe the cast member who helped @DeepInTheHeartofTexas WAS from Grand Rapids :smile:

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Lol. Yup. Was trying to walk and type.

Waiting on Starbucks and heading into the WS!


LOVE your t-shirt!!


All the festival food!! :yum: Loved the shumai in China.


Thank you!!! I bought my fam matching shirts last February and I’m reusing mine. :blush:

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Giant shakes. And holy cow Beaches and Cream is tons bigger now!!