Live Trip Report: HMB & Keith718 are back!

You’re welcome! Our magic bands didn’t work for photos last trip so I spent a lot of time dealing with that. I am a bit of an expert :joy:

The email -


It never doesn’t amaze me how still water is in the morning. It looks like a mirror here! So beautiful. I’m sure there’s some physics and meteorological reason why it happens and in some ways I’d love to know but in other ways I love it being a mystery to me.


Our first ride as well


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We waited about 15 minutes for slinky dog, and about 12 for TSM. Now trying to do MMRR—will see how long this takes…


What’s the posted wait?

Off to a great start!!

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45 minutes, but TP is saying 30. The TP app was reporting a bunch of rides are down. Fingers crossed ROTR comes back up soon.

@galuchies— did you get to ride yet?


What time did you get to the park this morning? Those short waits are envious!. Also I looove SDD. So fun! Hoe did Keith like it?

We got on around 10:15. Late start this morning

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We did SDD once then TSM twice this morning. Waited maybe 10 to get on SDD, then walked on TSM the first time and 15 minute wait the second time


FYI. Be aware the busses are experiencing a system wide communication failure. May take longer than usual to get a bus. People that were waiting when we got to the stop were waiting over 40 minutes


Oh JEEZ. I wonder if it’s affecting the boats as well… we walked up to one at HS and it was just sitting here. Doesn’t seem to be going anywhere…

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Not sure if the boats are affected as well

We got back alright so I think not. It seems like a lot of stuff was having a rough go of it this morning though.

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Yeah, don’t know why

What is it about HS that zaps one’s energy so quickly? Is the concrete harder there? My feet are sore! But we did a bunch this morning, so maybe it’s just because we did a whole lot of walking.

I set my alarm for 6:10 so I could have a chance to wake up, make coffee, and get ready to snag a BG. @bebe80’s instructions worked like a charm.

We left Boardwalk around 7:45 to walk over to HS. They opened security at 8:01, but didn’t let us through the Tapstiles until about 8:20.

Keith was super brave and finally went on SDD!!! We didn’t wait too long for it—only about 20 minutes, because we were pretty close to the front of the pack. We waited 12 minutes for TSM (I won, mwahaha). It was looking like ROTR was going to be down for a bit so we decided to hop in line for MMRR—that was a looong wait: 47 minutes. Nearly all of it in the baking sun. Not ideal, but we did really want to ride it. And it was SO CUTE. Completely adorable—now I really need to ride it again at least a few times, because I have a feeling there’s so much I didn’t see.

I placed a mobile order while in line for MMRR at Ronto Roasters; I got the bright suns wrap, and Keith got the regular breakfast wrap. They were both extremely delicious. I would get it again immediately—mine was vegan (though I am not a vegan, I am not always in the mood for heavy meat in the morning. I couldn’t tell my eggs were plant based at all. The pita is nice and chewy, the sauce actually had a little kick to it. Overall I’d say it was my favorite QS thing I’ve had this trip (maybe even the best thing I’ve eaten this trip in general).

I saw that they were calling BGs again, and we decided to wander around GE for a bit. I checked the app again and right as I did, our group got called!

THIS RIDE. IT IS SO GOOD. We only got to ride it once before the pandemic, on my birthday trip last January. It’s so amazing. All the detail is :exploding_head:. You actually feel like you are in The Star Wars.


Along the way we stopped for some photopass pictures—I am waiting for my baby yoda one to be uploaded (!!!).

We hobbled back to the boat and then back to our rooms. I took a little nap; I think Keithers might still be sleeping, since he hasn’t texted me back. I got down to the pool just in time for the summer storm to start, but it looks like mayyyybe the sun is thinking of coming back out?

The beer I ordered is hitting the spot. Though I might also have to get myself a Mickey pretzel….


Lol no, just heard thunder. No swimming for a little bit. But I’ll stay out here because I got a spot under an umbrella. Maybe I’ll read for a bit. :thinking: Any other suggestions, folks? :blush:


Your timing questions are answered just above :slightly_smiling_face: As for Keith… I think he liked it ok. He is not so much a fan of any of the thrilling rides, though he is a trooper and sometimes decides to be brave when he’s feeling daring. He’s looked at Slinky Dog every time before and said, “Oh HELLLLL no,” so he gets a gold star for doing it today!!