Live trip report day #4

We were up early this morning for a 7:30 date with our friends Minnie, goofy, and Donald at Cape May cafe. The food was good (not great) and the characters were good (not great). I wouldn’t repeat this if it wasn’t in our hotel. After that, GM went over to boardwalk for the free tour they have wed-sun (or is it sat?) at 9 am. She loved it. There were only three people on the tour including her so she felt like she got tons of attention.

DS6 went on the Albatross treasure cruise and loved loved loved it. I’m not entirely sure what happened on the cruise but his description including sailing into Epcot for clues, and all the way to HS where they “crashed” the boat (who knows if this is story or reality) and found a treasure chest under the bridge between boardwalk and swan/dolphin. When they got back, there was a little skirmish on the deck with a pirate resulting in some important dropped keys that the kids picked up and used to open the chest. They each got a little treasure chest filled with junk… Mmmmm. Sorry… Treasure that is still in DS’s pockets and will probably be seen next in the washing machine.

I was just as happy to have a couple hours to myself sitting by the pool. I think I may have fallen asleep for a bit in my lounge chair. I also took 6 complete turns around the lazy river. That kind of underachievement is what I look for in a good vacation!

Late morning, we all went to the pool for about an hour or so. Man, that pool is awesome. One could easily spend all day there. I was there for three hours or so and never ever got bored. I did get just a little sun burned despite my careful application of sunblock (it was the lack of re-application that got me into trouble) but it’s not bad at all so please don’t worry about me.

DS and I got ourselves showered and dressed and went over to the Crew’s Cup lounge at the yacht club for truffle fries (good but a little too salty) and drinks (kiddie cocktail for DS and pimm’s punch for me). Now that’s my kind of drink! Not too sweet, a little pink, refreshing with plenty of gin.

On to epcot for a little Agent P adventure on France. This was interesting for DS and somewhat so for me but I got a little bored near the end. He was enthralled and loved it. I can’t wait until he reads more fluently so I can go shopping. Then we met tigger and piglet (unusual combination, huh?) in UK and Duffy who inexplicably captures my DS’s affection.

We met up with GM at spaceship earth where there was a 5 min standby line at 4pm on a Wednesday and used a FPP for it because there are not a lot of options for FPP beyond the first tier at Epcot. We had skipped our first FPP at the Epcot character spot in case we wanted to try for a fourth but, spoiler alert, that never happened. Off we went to Club Cool where both DS and GM failed to hate Beverly. Oh well. They both had seconds. Who knew? After spritegate (thanks for the moniker!) yesterday, I have come to the conclusion that DS likes anything fizzy. Perhaps I can even get away with sparkling water in the future…

Next was soarin with a FPP and it still took 10-15 minutes (and I’m not counting the time spent waiting for B1). It was worth it in the end. I love that ride! The film looked better than the last time I saw it. Maybe I just caught a new reel. Either way, I will miss California when and if they ever change it to soarin over TBA.

I promised the little guy a ride on figment and there was no line so we were all good. I can’t convince GM that the bad smell is burnt coffee but ever since hearing that from a liner, I can’t smell anything else. I guess figment is right: We smell with our imagination too. Dinner was Les Chefs de France. GM was a french teacher so this was all for her. She spoke in French the entire dinner. I can kind of follow her but I can only say a few things. DS was very disappointed in the children’s menu. We eat out a lot in Chicago, especially french so he is used to a more authentic menu. He was really upset that he couldn’t order adult food so we compromised in that I gave him my appetizer (french onion soup! hardly a delicacy). Anyway he was happy enough. The meal was pretty good. Not the best bistro I have ever been to but it was still lovely and GM had an fabulous time.

After this we parted ways with GM and went off in search of a light toy. This we found, not surprisingly, and bought. Then we waited for illuminations on the bridge between France and the IG. Loved it, as usual. DS finds it a little loud but nothing two hands over the ears can’t fix. We headed back to the hotel where we found GM Watching Mary Poppins on the beach and sat down to watch the frozen fireworks from there. Then it was off to bed for a certain 6 year old while mommy types up a trip report before she passes out from exhaustion.

Back to epcot tomorrow for a more thrilling morning. See you all tomorrow night!


What a fun day! I love your reports. Where are you all planning to be on Friday? We’re heading to HS on our arrival day. Sleep well!

Nice! I’m soaking up every detail from Epcot trip reports in preparation for November. I’m glad your day went well.

Thanks for sharing.

The pimm’s punch sounds good!

Thanks for sharing - have enjoyed all your reports!

Really enjoying the trip report! Sounds like lots of fun so far. Can’t wait for more!

Tomorrow morning is a free day. DS gets to choose a park for RD if he wants to or we can sleep in. In the afternoon it’s going to be MK!

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More epcot to come! It’s the focus of our trip this time.

Great trip report :slight_smile: thanks for sharing