Live trip report day #3 AK & Epcot

We started our day at AK just after RD. We headed for daino land USA which was empty at that hour and rode both dinosaur and primeval whirl. It was Ds6 first ride on the hurl and it was the spinniest ride I've ever had. Still not my favorite. Then we went on kali river rapids twice and got completely soaked which thrilled DS and I was okay. GM sat this one out. She doesn't like getting wet. Next we headed to the safari which was, hands down, the best one I've ever been on. Thee was a "giraffeic jam" leaving us stuck on the savannah for a long time to watch my favorite animals. The lions were not only awake but the two females fought and the male broke it up! It was awesome.

Now that we were dry, it was time for brunch at Tusker House. Our 11:15 reservation got us in just in time for the switch over to lunch so we got the best of both worlds. Great liner advice got us that. Thanks, everyone!

We rounded out our day at AK with a front row ride on EE (I'll always wait for the front now. It was awesome), nemo, and FoTLK and a dole whip. All in all, it was pretty awesome. Since we were only planning one day at AK, I followed our touring plan more here than our other days so far and we got everything done as predicted without stressing out. Everyone was pretty happy at the end of the day except DS who wanted sprite and I told him he had to wait until we got back to the resort to refill his mug. This did not go over well. So if you saw a blonde little boy screaming for sprite around 3pm at AK, that was us! He's a pretty awesome kid but he has his moments.

As you might predict, I decreed that we all needed a rest in the room after this lovely display of over tiredness. While he was resting, I went down to the concierge to test the hypothesis that they can make additional FPP in other parks. Well, my friends, it's true! They can! We got booked for maelstrom at 7 so off we went to Epcot.

I knew we were close being at the beach club and all, but that secret doorway at the end of the long hall might as well be the international gateway. Sweet! For the first time in almost 20 years, we ventured into the imagination pavilion and rode figment. It was nothing like I remember but it was fun. DS loved it. Then we did the nemo ride and had dinner at sunshine seasons (yummy). A quick ride on LwtL, a new thumper plush, and a quick walk to Norway for maelstrom. OMG. Why were so many people in line? I like the ride and all but the entire room was full of people in switch backs at 7:30 pm! thank goodness for that FPP. We were in and banished by trolls in no time.

GM stayed to wander the WS and watch illuminations while DS and I headed back to the room. He felt like thumper was getting really tired and needed to go to bed right away. On the way, I got my first OGM slushie. Good, not great. I'm still looking for the perfect WS drink. Haven't settled on one yet. Suggestions for tomorrow?


What a great day!! Thanks for sharing!

Ahhh... that was a nice read - thanks again @AliceInChicagoland! Sounds like another awesome day - even with Spritegate! wink Have fun tomorrow! If the OGM slushie didn't do the trick, maybe a Moosehead beer from the Canadian pavilion? smiley maple_leaf

I'm not really into beer but if you think it's awesome I might try it!

Sounds like yore having an awesome trip!

If you aren't a fan of beer, I'm sure there are other drinks that you would enjoy more! I just suggested it because it is kind of a unique beer here in Canada. smile I'm sure you'll find something refreshing to try! Have fun!

Great report! Thanks for the tip about the concierge and FPP! What a fun day! DS12 and I want to try EE for the first time on our trip--very excited but nervous too. I highly recommend the red sangria at Via Napoli. Yum! Have a great day tomorrow. Just 3 more days for us!

Liked your trip report, have fun today.

Awesome trip report! Thanks for sharing & have a great time!

I thought the tipsy ducks in love and cantaloop drinks in China were both surprisingly good. Look forward to hearing more about your trip.

And isn't Maelstorm potentially closing? That might explain longer than expected line.

That's what I heard, @ursula_was_framed. I think it's a combination of potential closing plus fpp increasing demand a bit plus Norway getting so much frozen love. Nonetheless, it was impressive.

Thanks @pod4christ. And thanks for the spenco recommendations. They are now in my regular disney walking rotation.

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