Live Streaming

Tomorrow morning, starting at 7:30 am, we are going to be streaming from the Animal Kingdom testing the Early Morning Touring Plans.


Rather watch that then the morning news! Looking forward to it!

I am watching on YouTube this morning.

I’m watching and commenting :smiley:

I’m not able to access it – it says video has been removed

Just search touring plans on YouTube and it should be right there


that worked – thanks!

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Yeah they had to jump feeds for some reason. They discussed it a while back. Glad you found it!

I’ve always wondered How do you comment on live streams?? I don’t see comments on my phone, is it only on the computer?

I never see them on my phone either. I am on my laptop this morning and it’s definitely super easy there


In you tube under the video there is a “live chat” icon right next to the thumbs up and down icons. Touch that and the chat will appear under the video :wink:

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Here is the new link:


Excellent, I just got the you tube app Abd can see it now. Thanks!

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Looking forward to the report, we are at AK in 6 days!

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This was so great to watch. Very interesting.

I watched on Twitch and it was great. This is the type of nerd stuff I love with TouringPlans. The greatest nerd + Disney combination out there.


Wait, they’re on Twitch!?

Yeah, I was watching and they mentioned something about pushing the Discord (I’m guessing private but I’d take that invitation) through Twitch. I quickly jumped over so I wasn’t going through another layer to youtube.

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