Live shows?

Are there any large theater shows similar to Aladdin that used to be at DCA? planning our first WDW trip for April.

No nothing similar to that quality at WDW. Hollywood Studios has several shows but they aren’t the same level as Aladdin or Frozen at DL. Beauty and the Beast maybe the closet but the theater is a covered theater outside on bleacher type seats (and the show is 20+ years old at this point but still enjoyable). The Frozen show is indoors but it’s a “sing-a-long” not a Broadway-esque show.

I missed Aladdin when I went to DL but Festival of the Lion King is a great show. Many people enjoy Finding Nemo the Musical. Beauty and the a Beast is a mixture of live and recorded performers.

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Yes, Finding Nemo and Lion King are probably 2 of the best shows in my opinion. And at least the theaters are indoors! Still they have bleacher style seats instead of proper theater seats just to set expectations.


We saw Aladdin at DL and loved it! I thought Beauty and the Beast at HS and Lion King at AK were right up there though. We also really enjoyed the Indiana Jones stunt show at HS.

Aladdin at DCA was hands down the best show I’ve seen at a Disney park; WDW has nothing that good. Lion King at AKL is my favorite live show in WDW; Nemo is also good and is probably the closest to a “Broadway style” show. Beauty and the Beast was a one and done for me; most of the show is prerecorded (only Belle and Gaston sing live) and the whole thing felt kind of amateurish. Little Mermaid is also mostly prerecorded, but it has some cool visual effects and puppetry, and as it’s offered quite a few times each day, it’s pretty easy to work into a tight schedule. The IJ stunt show at DHS is very well done; kind of gives a behind the scenes look at how stunt work is done in films.