Live-post your F&W reservation experiences here

For the dedicated among us who are just minutes away from pounding the phones for F&W reserved events, share your experiences here.

The good, the bad, and the ugly.

After a long run of painlessness, the last three years have been an escalating comedy of errors for yrs. trly. Last year, I connected with no wait at 7:00:00, only to find the call center I’d reached didn’t have the events loaded yet.

This year, I think a live weasel will pop out of my phone receiver and devour my personal face.


Hi BGK…I reserved Parisian breakfast for opening weekend on the 28th. Disney Visa required that day. Called right at 5:59, said 4 min. wait, turned out to be more like 25. Hope it’s as good as it looks!

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Currently in the queue…

Tested on another extension, and already getting circuits are busy. Yikes.

Looks like several peeps on chat booked last night online as well. Sneaky!

None of my desired events are available online. I’ve no choice but to go this route.


It said my expected wait is 117 minutes. If that’s the case, there’s no way I’ll get my Parisian breakfast. Also, I’ll probably fall asleep on hold, lol

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That so many of us go through this every year shows the depths of Stockholm Syndrome Disney engenders in its fans. Some psych PhD candidate would get one hell of a dissertation out of this.


After an hour on hold, I was able to book the Parisian Breakfast!!


My 84 minutes turned out to be 55, but that was academic. Leftover of amazing awesomeness @ElastiGirl73 got connected 40 minutes in, took my info via text message, and made my reservations for me. Good thing, as one of my two desired events, the Flying Fish signature lunch on 11/14, was already sold out. She got me the one on 9/26, which was what I most wanted.

@ElastiGirl73 is the Goddamned Batgirl, and I will cut anyone who says otherwise.


I am just very relieved that you avoided having your face chewed off by a weasel.


I could never be a travel agent. Doing this more often that once or twice a year would land me in a straight jacket.
That is all. Glad I could help, though!

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