Live Photo Trip Report: Labor Day Weekend In The World With OBNurse


Getting ready to head out to the MHT and catch our nonstop flight on Southwest to the MCO!

Four people, four days… still need four bags. It boggles the mind!

Follow along as DH, DD14, DS10, and I enjoy our firsts for this trip: DVC stay (at OKW, our home resort), lunch at Homecoming, HBD, TSL. We’ll also enjoy MNSSHP (and hope to stay drier than last year) and F&W! Wheels up at 1735! Won’t you join us??



Hope you all have a magical time.


Was down last weekend for 3 days, DW and I shared a carry on. Enjoy your trip, cant wait to see another photo report.


I can’t wait!!! DW and I are headed back for F&W over in just over a month! I will follow your trip with glee!



Yay! Looking forward to reading. Have a blast!


Safe travels! Have a wonderful time!!


Yay for Disney vacations and trip reports! Looking forward to being there “with” you. Have fun!


Hope you have a wonderful trip!! Also hoping I am lucky enough to randomly bump into you! :rofl:


Safe travels! Looking forward to tagging along!


Buckled in and ready to go for the ride!!


I’d follow… buuut I’ll be there too! Maybe we’ll run into each other! Have an amazing time!


I’m jealous! We just left the World this morning. :sob: Have a fabulous time!!


Can’t wait to follow along! Yay hope you have a great trip!


I spy 2 possible meetups?


In flight entertainment


Wheelz down, fellas


Hmmm what are you drinking ??


Looks yummy!


It was a very strong and equally disgusting margarita. Do not recommend


We got our own bags given the late hour. We arrived in DME about 15 minutes ago. Hoping we push back soon!