Live-ish Trip Report: Birthday Week in the World with DH

Safe travels! I never sleep well the night before an early flight either. Hope you sleep on the plane. Good choice with the direct flight!

It’s so hard to sleep the night before a trip! Glad you made it despite the driver.


They are adorable! Your husband is a keeper! Any man that comes home with these gets extra brownie points!


safe travels! see you on the flip side!

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We made it to MCO! In the Lyft now. And despite these pretty sunny landing pics, it’s POURING rain (at least at the airport). Hoping it’s a little drier closer to the parks.


Made it to our hotel. The Lyft was a breeze - $37 before tip from the airport. Checked into our hotel, the Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista in the Disney Springs area.

Even though we arrived 3 hours before check in they had a room for us right away, and in fact gave me a slight upgrade since I’m a Hilton Diamond member (dual vanities; will make mornings smoother for sure.). They also gave us a coupon book for Disney Springs, vouchers for free water bottles (2 per day) and starbucks drip coffee (2 per day), and a copy of their bus schedule which…we probably won’t use. They also had our Amazon Prime delivery all ready. Great hotel so far.

The room is clean and spacious and will do just fine for us. Unpacked and changed into shorts, and now I think I see some sun trying to peek out, so going to head over to DS and see about lunch!


That looks lovely!


Do you mind sharing a pic of their bus schedule? Thanks!

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That platter is amazing! Well done!

Have THE BEST time!



We were starving, so settled on Polite Pig, as there was no wait & plenty of tables (and I hadn’t wanted to make an ADR in case of travel delays). Chicken sandwich was delicious, and the Mac and cheese was good too. Pork sandwich and barbecue fries were just ok.


Excellent! Thank you!

That looks delicious!

Thank you for the room pictures! I have a room on the books there for our December trip and am on the fence about cancelling for an on site room. I’m going to hold off cancelling for the time being! Thanks for your views! (PS, I had tried to book Blacklane for a ride to the local stadium for a game and they cancelled on me! So far not impressed, though I really wanted to be!)

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Walked around Disney Springs, mainly the East side, for a couple hours after lunch. Because we’re at the Hilton, we could take the overpass right over, less than a 5 minute leisurely walk.

Walked over to Gideon’s and saw a short line - assumed they were doing virtual queue. Asked the CM and nope! Just a ridiculously short standby queue - we waited about 10 minutes total to get inside, then another 3 minutes or so in the inside queue. Got a chocolate chip and a triple chocolate chip cookie - we split the chocolate chip and only managed to get halfway through it between the both of us, ha.

Also popped over to Disney Photo Pass Studios (fun, but because it’s indoors, it all still mask required which is a bit of a bummer…) Good news is I don’t have to wait in the line for the headless horseman magic shot at BB tonight now!

Got my birthday celebration button at World of Disney then decided we should also probably stop into Amorette’s patisserie for a birthday cake. Got the haunted mansion mini-cake to take back to our hotel. Will share photos of it when we actually eat it, lol.

Now, back to the hotel for a little nap before getting ready for Boo Bash tonight. Looking forward to hopefully running into @naviheart.


I’ll try to get you a few more pics of other areas throughout the week. It’s definitely a conference hotel, so expect efficiency rather than pixie dust. So far, so good for us though.

For us, this hotel stay is 100% free - paid for in points, and they don’t charge a resort fee on points bookings. So I really can’t complain!


5 minutes after getting into Boo Bash and I already had a liner meet! Ladies and gents, may I present Gaston, Belle, @NaviHeart and pirate Eric!


Yay! Liner meet!


Checking in from Boo Bash. They let us through tap at about 6:45, so a little early. We knocked out BTMRR, Pirates, Aladdin, and Jungle Cruise all before HEA. Watched HEA from Liberty Square, then hightailed it to HM for basically a walk-on. By the time we came out, lines were to the gates.

This was right around 9, official party time, so we grabbed a water and Mickey sandwich right when it opened. Walked on IASW, now in line for PPF next to a VERY convincing Winnifred Sanderson - kids are taking pics with her.

Not too bad for less than an hour into the “official” event.


Had a great time overall at Boo Bash tonight. After my last update, we did teacups, dumbo, Winnie the Pooh all as walk ons, then did SDMT with about a 12 minute wait. After that was TLPM, SRS, SM and AO - also all as walk ons.

We also trick or treated at about 5 stops and have so much candy (to add to the cookies and cake already in our room from earlier). Also got a Mickey bar to compare to my earlier Mickey sandwich and have Re-affirmed that the sandwich is superior!

Once we’d finished all the rides we headed back to the hub just in time to see the maleficent cavalcade breathing fire. After that, it was about 11:45, so we called it and headed back to the hotel.

Overall, I think Boo Bash was the perfect event for a couple like us (no young kids, ride-centric, had not tried to do another park already that day). We did every single ride we wanted to do in all of MK during the BB window. Our actual MK day can now focus on shows, food, and atmosphere - it really took the pressure off. But other than spying a few nice costumes, it didn’t feel particularly haloween-y to me. So I see why there’s a split of opinion on these. To us, it was 100% worth it.