Live-ish Trip Report: Birthday Week in the World with DH

It’s finally time!!! Our long delayed trip is finally here and we leave tomorrow morning!

A little background - our trip was originally planned for last September, largely to see Galaxy’s Edge. Rescheduled for obvious reasons. This will be my 3rd trip to WDW, and my hubby’s 2nd - but last time he only got to see AK and Epcot, so MK and HS will be first time for him! We’ve also both been to Disneyland many times (having gone to college and spent our 20s in Los Angeles.)

Today and this weekend, I finished all our packing (carry-on only crew!), ordered sunscreen and coffee and a few other things via Amazon Fresh to be delivered to our hotel, did my final TP edits before printing them out, and cleaned my house head-to-toe (nothing worse than coming home from vacation to a dirty house!) So now we’re ready to go!

Here’s our schedule:
9/14 - Travel Day, DS, Boo Bash
9/15 - Epcot
9/16 - MK, with ADRs at BOG and Skipper Canteen (and hopefully a visit to Trader Sams, too)
9/17 - HS, with ADRs at Oga’s (x2, including one post-park-close) and Sci-Fi
9/18 - My birthday! AK with ADRs at Tiffins and CG for fireworks
9/19 - DS, then brunch with some local friends outside the bubble before heading home

We also are going to do our part to meet up with a few other folks in honor of #LovelyLadyLinerWeek, lol. I’ll do my best to check in and post a few times a day!


there’s not really a better way to spend your birthday than being at The Best Park and then CG for fireworks! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Sounds great, enjoy!


That is an amazing way to spend your birthday!!! Safe travels!


Officially finished my last work meeting and put on my “out of office” responder!

Hubby ran to the store to get a few last minute items, and came back with matching Mickey and Minnie hand sanitizers for our backpacks. How cute are these?


Early no-cook (so as not to dirty the kitchen, since I already cleaned it) dinner to kick off vacation week!

(I know @NaviHeart already claimed the “foodie” title for her thread but I plan to give her a little run for her money on that…:wink:)


Have a great trip!
(My plane arrives at MCO tomorrow morning at 10!)


That is a hella nice way to kick things off!


Excellent! Another addition to #LovelyLadyLinerWeek!


See you at boo bash!!


Have all the fun. And good job, hubby! Where did he get those cuties?


Walmart Neighborhood Market, in the back-to-school section apparently. And thanks!


Well, a bright and early start to the morning! I was so excited that I didn’t sleep particularly well, and was anticipating the 5:20am alarm, so unfortunately only got a few good hours of sleep. Will try to make some of it up on the plane.

As I’d mentioned in one of the other threads, I wasn’t trusting Southwest given their recent problems and had booked a “backup” flight on American. Of course, since I had the backup option, everything looked to be normal and on-time. But since the AA flight was direct and the SW flight went through St. Louis, we ended up opting for the AA flight and canceling the SW one for a full refund.

I’d booked Blacklane car service to get us to the airport, and while we got here, our driver was awful! Missed two different exits and kept having to backtrack. But we’re at the airport with plenty of time, so all is well!


Safe travels! I never sleep well the night before an early flight either. Hope you sleep on the plane. Good choice with the direct flight!

It’s so hard to sleep the night before a trip! Glad you made it despite the driver.


They are adorable! Your husband is a keeper! Any man that comes home with these gets extra brownie points!


safe travels! see you on the flip side!

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We made it to MCO! In the Lyft now. And despite these pretty sunny landing pics, it’s POURING rain (at least at the airport). Hoping it’s a little drier closer to the parks.


Made it to our hotel. The Lyft was a breeze - $37 before tip from the airport. Checked into our hotel, the Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista in the Disney Springs area.

Even though we arrived 3 hours before check in they had a room for us right away, and in fact gave me a slight upgrade since I’m a Hilton Diamond member (dual vanities; will make mornings smoother for sure.). They also gave us a coupon book for Disney Springs, vouchers for free water bottles (2 per day) and starbucks drip coffee (2 per day), and a copy of their bus schedule which…we probably won’t use. They also had our Amazon Prime delivery all ready. Great hotel so far.

The room is clean and spacious and will do just fine for us. Unpacked and changed into shorts, and now I think I see some sun trying to peek out, so going to head over to DS and see about lunch!


That looks lovely!