Little (or Big!) Things I May Be Missing

I am taking my fifth trip to Universal this December. By now, I have a pretty good grasp of the lay of the land, know what attractions I must do multiple times (Forbidden Journey) and which ones I can skip (Fast & Furious), and know where I generally like to eat. However, I am sure there are some little (or big!) things that I am still missing out on. As this is my first trip in December, I want to check out the Christmas decorations, watch the Macy’s parade and see the Grinchmas Spectacular. I also just recently learned about the green screen room where you can take fun pictures, so I want to check that out, too, provided I can find it (paging @darkmite2! You did this, right? Where is it again?) Does anyone have any suggestions for lesser known things I may be missing that I should check out this time?

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Yep! It’s in the Hollywood area across the street from the Horror Make-Up Show


Thank you! And I so love that picture! My sister is terrified of Kong, so I showed this to her last time you posted it and told her we absolutely had to do one for her. :rofl:


Thanks! I don’t know if they rotate the pictures or not. One of them we took was a Spring / Easter photo, so I assume they’ll do something Christmas / Fall instead.


How did I not know this was a thing?!!!

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Well we don’t know what you could be missing if we don’t know what you ARE doing! What’s your itinerary so far?

All of Cabana Bay looks so pretty decorated in December, check it out! Plus, not sure if you’re going to be there at all, but they have meet and greets in the lobby as well! We met Doc Brown, Lucy Ricardo, and the minions. There were no lines each time!

We really liked the Macy’s parade at night! Just be aware that when the parade is going on, it will be hard to go around or through, so it’s best to stand and watch. It wasn’t really long—maybe ten or fifteen minutes?

The Grinch show next to Jimmy Fallon’s ride was really good, too!

Also, not sure if you’ve had it or not, but the hot butterbeer is really good.

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Hmmmm…how to answer that. I have a firm grasp of rides and shows. I guess I am looking for things off the beaten path, things specific to the holidays or things I wouldn’t find in a TP. My itinerary includes all my fave rides and shows, plus Shutterbuttons, spell casting, the parade, the Grinch and now the green screen photo op.

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Ooohh…I’m going to have to add that to my plan!

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It sounds like you have a plan. Always recommend Horror Make Up, Curious George Ball play area, try a new restaurant, see the resorts, etc

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Do all the resorts decorate such that it would be worth travelling to see them? I have already stayed in most of them, so would only head over to see something unique to the holidays.

They decorate a bit for the Holidays and each have unique activities. Check the UO website for more info.

There is Facebook page called UO Rocks. It’s where people paint rocks, make pins and crafts and hide them around Universal or IOA. Then they post a pic of where they hid it. I’m excited to try to find something when we go next year. You can either keep it or rehide it.

Thank you! I have heard of this, but didn’t know there was a FB page!