Little Mermaid Room (standard) for Ariel fans or Pop Preferred?

I’m really excited to be going back to WDW in 50 days with DD5 twins (soon to be 6) after just returning with DD8 and DS10 (stayed at Dolphin). The original plan was for me to take the two older kids this summer, we’d all go as a family May 2020, then I’d take the younger ones summer 2021…but the littles were so sweet and understanding about their older siblings going without them, throw an AP into the mix, great summer 2019 discounts, low crowds, and wa-la - another trip booked!

They adore the little mermaid! I think they would love AoA, they love to draw, know all the movies and the theming would really appeal to them. However, I know the little mermaid rooms get a lot of flack for being far from buses, decor a little shabby. While I decide, I also booked Pop preferred room. When comparing my top picks for rooms on TP, LMR (corner building 7 or 9) was a 6 minute walk, Pop preferred (corner building 5) was a 3 minute walk. I honestly don’t think a 6 minute walk is bad at all. My gut says go with AoA, but I would love to hear from anyone who has stayed there, especially those who have stayed at the LMR, anyone? please tell me your honest thoughts.

We won’t’ be going back and forth to the food court to refill mugs or anything. Any stops we make at the food court will be on the way to transportation and vice versa. And it’s only for 3 nights. Total cost difference is $63 (Pop preferred $63 cheaper).


I haven’t stayed at either, but have stayed at cars suites at AoA. I was in the farthest building and the walk isn’t bad. With little mermaid you’ll have a quiet pool right there too.

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We stayed in the Lion King suites which are right next to the Little Mermaid rooms. The walk really isn’t bad (I did laundry over there and went back and forth to our suite several times). The theming will be wonderful for your kids, I would go with AOA. Pop is great, I have stayed there several times, but I think your kids will like the theming at AOA better.

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We have stayed in the little mermaid room and POP. POP Century. Hands down.
The Little Mermaid Room only has 2 double sized beds, POP has 2 queen.
The Little Mermaid Room only has a small round table for placing your ‘stuff’, POP has a nice long cabinet for placing things.
The Little Mermaid Room does not have access under the beds, POP you can easily store your suitcases under the beds giving more room to move around.
I feel The Little Mermaid Room does not have as much storage space as POP
The Little Mermaid Room never has deals, If you are lucky you may get something with POP.
AoA does have a little better food court. A short walk from POP if this is a concern.

As far as walking is concern, I would not let that decide my hotel booking. You are going to be walking all day long, surely 1 or 2 minutes longer shouldn’t be a deciding factor.

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Thank you! That’s what I think too. I watched a couple of you tube videos, one walking at a leisurely pace from the bus stop to the little mermaid section, and it didn’t seem long to me at all. Plus the walk through the nemo, lion king area all adorable!!

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Thanks for your insight Donald! Much appreciated. For our circumstances, the bed size and storage are not a concern. We’ll only be there 3 nights, bringing just a backpack each (we’re light packers!, instacart delivery for water and snacks), and it’s just me and two 5 year old daughters, so 2 doubles will be just fine! I agree the walk shouldn’t be a deciding factor. I feel a lot better about it now :hugs:

If Pop is cheaper but you still want to stay Little Mermaid, I’d do it. Your girls will love it and no matter where you stay you can wander both resorts and eat in both food courts.

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The Little Mermaid Rooms are a bit of walk, but theming for your littles can’t be beat. We went when my kids were 5 and 3 and they loved the rooms and the pool! I would definitely save Pop for when they are older or for a longer trip.