Little Mermaid Art of Animation Rooms- Help Please



I am trying to choose a room at the Art of Animation (Little Mermaid). I tried to use the touring plans pick under room selector but I can't seem to get it to work. Building 7 seems to have the best rooms. Any advice on the best rooms in Building 7? We have young children (4 and 7). I know there is more walking to Little Mermaid but would still prefer to choose the shortest route to transportation with a decent view. Would love to hear your suggestions!


Would like this info as well smile we also need a connecting room


You will want to be on the end of building 7 or 9 that is closest to Animation Hall, which means building 9, rooms ending in 49-72 (e.g. 9560, etc), or building 7, rooms ending in 1-24 (e.g. 7513). See maps at for details.


Thank you!


I've found that the last three times I requested "close to transportation" we got building 9, which is king tritons wink found it very easy to get to parking lot and main building/big blue pool smile have fun... D
Side note... Don't miss the splash area with your little ones, they will love it!