Little Details Stress me Out!

We are going to be at UOR next week! Yay! We have a one night reservation at RPR to get express passes and a 2 day ticket to the parks.

I have a QR code ticket on my phone-- is this sufficient to get into the parks and I only need to check in to RPR to get express passes and room key? Or do I also need a physical ticket printed from the hotel lobby?

ALSO-- when doing child swap can you also use single rider? Is there any advantage? All the rides we will need child swap on will only have one adult riding each time.

We are planning to get to the parks at least 30 minutes prior to EPA for our IOA day. Is this also recommended for our USF day (no EPA), or would closer to an hour be better?

Now I’m going to go perseverate on lockers… hahaha

Overall I’m excited for this trip as it SEEMS like it will be less stressful than Disney but its these stupid little details that keep me up at night, til I experience it for myself!!

The print outs with QR codes are fine. Your hotel room key is your express pass.

Child swap is a little different than at Disney, at Universal you wait with your party through the queue and those not riding have a room to wait in near load/unload.

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I’m not sure what exactly it depends on, but different TMs have directed us to the single rider line on occasion and regular line on others.

I suspect that if your kids are too small to ride at all (ie not just doing rider swap because they don’t want to ride), then they might send you up the single rider line.

I’m thinking if Forbidden Journey. Can’t remember if the same happened at Gringotts or not. Those are the only rider switches I can remember using.