List of Play Areas for Young Kids

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I remember seeing a post on here with lists of play areas at many of the major rides for young kids, can anyone point me to the post? I’ve tried searching and can’t get it to pull up!

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I don’t think this is all of them, but this is what I saved to my notes: “There’s also a small play area in Epcot at the Mission:SPACE exit which is nice if you want to get out of the sun for a while. You get there through the gift shop entrance to the left of the ride entrance, so there is no need to ride first. The largest play area in Epcot is behind the Mouse Gear store , on your way to Test Track from the main entrance. That one’s outside, but there is some shade for adults to hang out in. In Magic Kingdom there is also a play area in the tunnel under the train tracks by Splash Mountain, to the right of the entrance to the attraction itself. And of course Animal Kingdom has the Boneyard which is brilliant - don’t miss the big sand pit across the bridge.”
And the Casey Jr Train section by Dumbo.

there’s also an interactive play area at the Figment exit in epcot.

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There is also a play area inside the Dumbo tent, part way through the line to the actual attraction. Winnie the Pooh also has a small play area at the start of the standby line. You can take little ones to play there without going on the ride, just leave the same way you came when they’re done.

Epcot sets up a brilliant, themed play area for the Flower & Garden Festival. The one they used to have for Food & Wine is now permanent, between Mouse Gear and Test Track. Walk through the rear exit of Mouse Gear (directly opposite the fountain) and you can’t miss it.

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Already mentioned but worth repeating:

  • Boneyard at AK is fantastic, my 4 and 7yo loved it and didn’t want to leave after 1.5h

  • The play area in the Dumbo tent is very cool, there was no line but we still played for 30mins.

Also a couple that come to mind:

7DMT has a videogame in the line where you pick diamonds. Again we had to let people pass because the kids were glued to this. We weren’t in a hurry so we let them play for a bit.

SeaBase at Epcot has a play area with some interactive stuff and altogether the aquarium is awesome for small kids