List of glow figurines on drinks/replacing the batteries (i.e., Mommy messed up)

Hi all,

Last night, I was supposed to go in and turn off the clip-on glow figurines from different drinks that my daughter had for her "party" before bedtime, and I completely forgot. Needless to say, big oops on mommy's part as the batteries in them all are dead. I haven't had any luck finding the replacement batteries for them -- they are apparently very odd sizes -- and since I messed up, I told her I'd see about finding replacements.

My question is, does anyone know of a list of who is available where? I know you can pretty much get Tinkerbell anywhere, and I could search through menus online to find them all, but I'm also curious what figures are out there in general. So far she's had Tinkerbell, Buzz, and Ariel.

And if anyone has replaced the batteries on these things before, where did you get the batteries?

Assuming you can access the battery you should be able to look at the number on it. A quick search will probably get you to an online source for that size battery. Even the really odd ones. I'd start with Amazon. I haven't purchased any of these, however, so I can't offer any other help... sorry.

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We've had good luck taking things to Radio Shack or Batteries Plus when we need really odd batteries. My DH has a very old hand-held video game from the 80s that uses a rare battery, and I'm pretty sure Radio Shack had one for it.

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If it's an odd sized battery, the places mentioned above should carry them, but....they'll charge you an arm and a leg. I found that out the hard way when my daughter needed button batteries for her musical board books. In the store I paid 12 for 3 batteries. On-line I can buy them in a pack of 50 for about $25. Definitely do an on-line search for them.

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Good point, @Armadillo_Alert.