List of all Facebook Sub Groups by Month/Year of travel

October 2017 anyone? Otherwise I’ll create one!

OK, created for October 2017

Created a May 2017 group

If someone starts a July 2017 please post here so I can find it. Thanks

If there is an August 2017 list can someone please post? Thank you!

September 2017? Am I missing it?

I am interested in September 2017 as well.

Has anyone started a September 2017 Facebook group?

@jjack016 just created one for September 2017.

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Thank you just joined


Also looking forward to an August 2017 group!

@DuchessandBerlioz, when are you going? And from where? My DD (16) and I are going August 27-9/2 from MI.

I’m going with DS14 and DS18 August 6-16. We’re travelling from MA.

Is there a July 2017 yet? We are going 6/28-7/8. I joined the June but was looking for July as well :slight_smile:

Hi there, I’m a newbie to this forum but will be travelling 28th October - 11th November for when a group is created :slight_smile:


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If a November 2017 group is created, please let me know :slight_smile:

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Need November & December :slight_smile:

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May 2019!