Lion King or Nemo Show at AK?

Lion king seem to get the stronger reviews for older ones. Is that fair?

Will be travelling with 3 kids 10,13,16 and my wife (who struggles to watch anything with talking animals for some reason- so will only do one or the other).


If you HAVE to choose, do not miss FotLK! Nemo is super cute, too so I hope you can work them both in, but FotLK is beyond amazing!!!

I really enjoyed both of them. There’s audience involvement with Lion King, if that helps, Nemo is a more traditional stage show with auditorium seating. For the Lion King, it’s bench-type bleachers (no back support, hard benches) that start on the ground. The Lion King seemed louder, and the spectacle is all around you. In Nemo, it’s easier to relax and nod off, if your wife would appreciate that. :slight_smile: The Lion King makes me tear up a little when I brought both my kids to their first showing, they were just in awe. But I personally liked Nemo better, the artistry and colors on the set were beautiful, but I’m partial to Broadway-style productions. I hope this helps.

I have seen both on separate trips. I prefer Lion King. I think Nemo is wonderfully done and a great show but Lion King is just better.

Lion King is theatre in the round (seating all around a center stage). It’s a lot of acrobats, dancing and singing. I think of it like a mini Cirque de Soliel. I really enjoy it. It’s ‘talking animals’ in that the dancers and singers are in elaborate animal costumes. They look like people, though, it’s not like a Mickey or Goofy costume - more like the cats from the stageshow Cats are made up. You know they’re humans and you know what animal they are representing.

We did Nemo once and I’ve quite forgotten it, but I know that it’s always packed and you have to go early. There is standing room for the show, so if you’re not there early (even with a FP) you might be standing.

We did both for the first time on our last trip. Both were good - my son (14) loved Lion King - enjoyed Nemo. If we were only doing 1 on the next trip, I’m confident Lion King is the choice for him.

The theater in the round gets you closer to the action with Lion King and it’s a more exciting production with lots of things going on. Nemo is more a normal theater experience. Both are good, but if you can only do one with older kids, go Lion King.

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I remember a wdwtoday podcast where Len said Lion King was one of the highest rated attractions for all age groups in AK.

Both are good shows in their own way, but personally I prefer the high energy of FotLK over the somewhat sleepy Nemo. Nemo is done with really amazing (frequently huge) puppets, and pretty much tells the story of the movie, with a lot of original songs. FotLK has no real “plot”; it’s a series of musical numbers and aerial acts, with lots of upbeat music, bright costumes, and a “party” atmosphere.

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I don’t know if you need another person repeating the same sentiment, but I agree with everyone else. Both are good, but FotLK is better.

It really depends on what your entertainment preferences are. Nemo is more of a Broadway show (with Broadway-level production values), and FoTLK is more of a variety show, with singing, dancing, acrobats, etc. I think that FoTLK is better geared towards younger children than Nemo is because it is more interactive with the audience and it doesn’t have a plot.

Given the age range of your group and your wife’s aversion to “talking animals”, I would go with Nemo. The characters are puppets it will be easier for here to focus on the actors doing the performances. :slight_smile:

Thanks all