Lion King Limited-Time Dining Experience at Jiko

Has anyone done this?

More details on the Jiko page:

I believe @Sorcerers_Apprentice posted about this on chat. I hope she see this tag.

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I had the prix fixe dinner on July 1. It was delicious. Great experiences. Enjoyed the food and the entertainment. I added the wine flight which made the dinner a bit more expensive but was able to use my TiW discount. I had the seafood entree. Very good. I was dining solo and given
The option in sitting at the chefs kitchen seats. Had a very good time talking with the 3 different chefs working there. Will add some pics when I get a chance.


We are doing this next week. The seafood dish looks so delicious.

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I’d love to see pics! :smile: The website mentions having the option of ordering off the regular menu… Did they offer you that option? I’m not a seafood fan, so both the app and entree are probably not something I’d order. But the dessert and music caught my attention, plus it seems like a good value. I’ve never been to Jiko and I’d love to try it!