Linking two sequential resort stays on MDE app

Hi, does anyone know how to link two sequential wdw resort stays on the app so that fast passes can be made? We are dvc members for the first time this year and are staying at adk first then poly. I can’t figure out how to add the poly reservation to the app.

Do you have a confirmation number? I went into my MDE account and there was a button “ link resort reservation”.

I do have one but since I already have my AKL reservation in there I don’t see a way to add another reservation. I often miss obvious things in apps/tech so it could be me.

I log onto M a Disney Experience from a browser. Then under my profile character I pull up the list of options. I click on reservations and tickets. It shows me the list of hotel reservations. At the bottom I see this:

I have 4 reservations already, but I can add a 5th by hitting “link resort reservations”.

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As @PrincipalTinker said, I would definitely try using the website instead of the app.

Shouldn’t be a problem, but Member Services can help if you still can’t do it.

ahh yes, i was using the app
thanks all!!!

I did this for the first time this year… We added a day at the beginning of the original reservation. As a result, we were able to book Fast Passes a day early for up to 10 days ahead.

Interesting note - the MDE dashboard kept telling me that I couldn’t start booking fast passes a day early (because I added the additional day at the beginning of the resort stay… Not fair!) Turns out that I could!

On a whim, I tried… And the booking window was open! I was so excited, I opened up my touring plans dashboard,and verified times and dates. Booked everything I wanted on the end of the dates ( because everyone can only book 10 days forward from their trip for fast passes), and got most of what I wanted on the first few days of our trip.

I hope you have fun!

You can book for 14 days ahead. :grinning:

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