Linking Tickets to Rooms

I’m going to try not to make this too convoluted!! We got our room through DVC points ( We then decided that half of the party would be staying for another night and made a reservation for a different room through the Disney website. We added our tickets (for the whole party) onto that order. We’ve only paid a portion so far. When I go onto MDE it is showing my FPP date as 60 days from the second reservation, not the first. How do I get all of the tickets linked to the first reservation so I get FPP access at the right time? Should I remove them from the room purchase and then make a separate purchase that I then link to the first reservation? Or, once they are fully paid, can I link them to the right reservation? Thanks!!

Do you mean you got a package for the first night, which is not fully paid for?

Or are the tickets separate from the room? How long ago did you buy them?

You don’t have to link the tickets to either room, just as long as they’re showing up. Assuming both eservation s and the tickets are showing you should be good as you are. It sounds like a glitch with the date. I would leave it a few days and see what happens.

The package is for the last night. It’s showing my FPP date based on that, which is 8 days later than we actually get there.

I ended up calling and since the tickets (the ones attached to those of us staying that last night) were part of a room package, they have to be removed and I have to purchase them separately. The other tickets are fine and will have the right FPP date.

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Sorry! Completely mis-read your post, got it all backwards!

Glad it’s sorted now. :smile:

No worries! It even ended up saving us $90 on the room! Yay for profitable mistakes!

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