Linking Tickets/FPP Issue

I will be selecting my FPPs in a couple of days, so I thought I’d log in to MDE to refresh my memory on where everything is located, and I am running into a potential problem.

I go to the FPP section and click “Get Started.” I am already listed there, and I select my DW to be added for the FPP. Then on the next screen, it says that it doesn’t see tickets for my DW. However, when I check the “My Reservations and Tickets” section under “Tickets and Passes,” both my DW and I are listed with the ticket assigned to each of us.

Do I still need to link her tickets? Do I need to link the Vacation Package? Or will all this be sorted out automatically when my FPP window actually opens?

I believe that is the default ‘error’ message you get when you have no tickets currently eligible for FP selections. As long as you see them under the My Reservations section, you will be fine at 7am eastern on your FP day.

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If your tickets are part of a package they will not be FP bookable until your 60 day at 7am est. Then like “magic” on the morning of the 60th day everything will open and work. If not then call.

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@cynergy AND @AuntB_luvsDisney, Thank you for this information. That helps set my mind at ease a bit – at least as much as it can be right before needing to book my FPPs.

It would be nice if the error message could be something like, “You may not book your FastPass+ selections until 60 days prior to your trip” rather than “We don’t see any tickets for you.” But, then, I’ve noticed that the website has never really been Disney’s strong suit.:relaxed:

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