Linking ticket and EMH

I have booked a package at CBR for 5 people. However, after booking the package I remembered my husband has a 10 day ticket that he did not use last year. He ended up having to work and could not join us. Can I take him off the package and link his ticket? I want him to still be able to use EMH. TIA

If he is going to be listed in the room (FPs, EMHs, MBs) you all need the same package. You can move that ticket to a phantom “friend” so that it is not used or cancel your package, buy discounted tickets for the other four and then book a room only or a “ticketless package” (room plus dining).

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Everyone on the resort reservation with a package must be the same. So if your package requires tickets then you can’t use his old ticket. You could change to a room only reservation and then just buy individual tickets for everyone. Your husband then could use his old ticket. He needs to be listed on the room to be able to get EMH privileges.

Thank you very much, that information helps a lot.