Linking The Unofficial Ticket Center Tickets

You know how you can order or call in and order tickets from WDW and they give you a confirmation number that lets you link the tickets, will the etickets at Unofficial do that as well or do you hav to wait for the tickets to physically come in to link them?

Yes, if you buy an e-ticket, you will get a confirmation number so that you can link them to MDE.

The instructions will say to collect them at GS.

If you are staying onsite, or already have linked magic bands from a previous trip or bought online, then you don’t need to collect the hard tickets; as long as the magic bands are linked to MDE they will pick up the ticket info from MDE.

If you don’t have any magic bands, and decide not to buy them, then you will need to collect the actual physical ticket.

Thanks that’s perfect, I will have magic bands since we are staying onsite, Im actually renting DVC points at GF and Poly…