Linking reservations at same hotel

I know this has been asked before but can’t find. I decided we needed to arrive a day earlier in order to take advantage of the park hopper plus. I booked Pop Century through Undercover Tourist back in March. When I called them they told me there is no way to put the reservation together, I would either have to have 2 reservations or cancel and re-book. Cancelling would end up costing $200 or so more so I went ahead and just booked 1 single night. Is there a way to link these so we don’t have to move rooms? Just call Disney? Thanks for any advice!

Call Disney and tell them to note on both reservations that you have a continuing reservation with #12345678.

And then go to the front desk when you arrive and tell them again, asking if you could please stay in the same room. No guarantees, but they will try if they can.

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If you do a room request through TP, note it in the free text box too and say that you’d like to stay in the same room.

Thank you! I did contact Disney and they said there was nothing they could do but just to go to the front desk when we arrive to request that.

They can absolutely note it on the reservations. Call again and ask them to. Then, remind them at check in. They can’t promise that it can happen but if you request it they will do their best to make it happen.

And I’m sure I don’t have to say so but kindness is everything.

I’m wondering if it’s because you booked through UT. So they’re the TA and own the reservation. Maybe ask UT if they could note it.

As well as do what @OBNurseNH suggested, to phone back.

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Well, actually the first time I called UT they told me to call back when I did add the night and they would put a request with their Disney agent. When I called back after I did it, I spoke to someone else and she said "Who told you that? No, we can’t do that. " So I’m so confused. I feel like sometimes you just have to get the right person on the phone. I will try again though. Thanks for all of the replies!