Linking old tickets to Disney website

I am planning a trip for a family of 6. 2 of us have tickets from 2010, and the rest of us have tickets from 2005. Today, I tried to link the tickets to the Disney website. I did so successfully with the 2010 ones, but with the others I got an error message that told me to link them in person when I get to the parks. We need to make our FastPass+ reservations on Wednesday, so linking them in person will not work. Any ideas?

I just had some trouble linking a MagicBand to my account. Tech support was able to get it linked over the phone, took about half an hour with hold time and everything. Gonna copy-paste from email: “Disney’s MyMagic®+ Help Desk can be reached at 407-939-4357, and is available from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. (Eastern Time), seven days a week.” Good luck!

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Thanks. I’ll try it.

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It worked! Thank you so much for the suggestion!

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Cool! High fives all around!

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We had old tickets that I wanted to link. They wanted some personal info to do it over the web, so I didn’t pursue it. I hope it goes well for you.

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@nkazmer . I have an old ticket from 2005 that I couldn’t link over the phone…is this what your ticket looked like?? Just curious, if so I’ll try the number that is posted here!


No, my tickets didn’t look like that. They each had a circle on the back with a picture of an iconic attraction in it (each one was different).

ok, thanks!
I was told over the phone that they would try their best to hook us up with an addition fastpass to the ones we booked in advance for the 3rd person in our party, at customer relations in the parks.
2 of us bought new hopper passes this trip, but the 3rd still had no expire tickets from 2005.

Curious, so you called and they weren’t able to link that 2005 ticket to MDE, is that what you’re saying? And they said to go to guest relations in the Parks to try to get your third person added to your fastpass times? I’m worried for you with that, if I’m reading that right. I think if it were me I’d try calling again to get it linked on MDE. Sometimes just getting a different person on the phone fixes everything.

Yes, you are reading it right. Now I’m worried for me too. lol. Even if we get the other ticket linked, there is no way we will be able to add a 3rd fastpass at the same times we already have them, online.

We leave on April 5th
Especially to Rockin Roller coaster or 7DMT

Oh, geez. that’s soon! I mean, maybe in that case going to guest relations in the parks at the beginning of your day really is the best bet. If you explain what’s up and ask nicely if they have a solution maybe they will. I hope it works out, but let us know when you get back!

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That’ s not an old key to the world card?

Are you sure it’s not? it says “your key to the world” in the upper right corner

Also I called regarding this ticket to see how many days were left on it, as it was a no expire card…so Disney confirmed this is a legit card

Two years ago, my mom had found an unused ticket from 1998 that she was able to use. We had to go to GS at Disney Springs to get it added to MDE and they were able to get her FP times that coordinated with the ones we already had. Good luck!


But a key to the world card would have your room key/ tickets linked. You had extra days and you added no expiration to your tickets?

Awesome, that sounds like promising news. Thanks Haasfamily6

PrincipalTinker In 2005 yes, the room key was attached to this card. At the time no expiry was just they way the tickets came I believe, (or my brothers wife added that upgrade??) So it made sense to buy 10 day passes. They were probably only there for 5 days, so they have 5 days left. What I can’t do now is link those tickets to my “MydisneyExperience” website so I can add a 3rd fastpass. The other 2 of us traveling had to buy new tickets, as we didn’t have past tickets left over.

In 2005 no expiration was an extra charge, so it had to either be bought at the time the tickets were purchased or I believe if I remember correctly you could add it anytime in the 14 days. It was not automatic- that was why I asked.