Linking of tickets across immediate family and multiple MDE accounts

Hi all

A question around the easiest way to manage FP etc across my immediate family. I have all the tickets registered in MDE, and for some reason I decided to set my DH up with an MDE account and link his tickets there. I can see him in my friends list and can make FP bookings for him but when I look at my tickets I can only see mine and my kids.
Is it easier to just keep us all on the one MDE account, or should I leave DH with his own. He doesn’t really mind, I am the one doing all the planning/booking, and all the reservations at hotel etc are in my name.
I’m just trying to keep the process as simple as possible so wonder if keeping everying in one MDE account is simpler?

Your advice appreciated


Things are fine as they are if you can book fastpasses and see him in your friends and family. I assume you “invited” him to join your friends and family using the email button. Also he will also be able to go in and change fastpasses and stuff, which could be useful if you decide to split up in the parks.

It’ll probably be tricky to reverse things now anyway, since his ticket is linked. May well need a phone call to Disney to sort out. I would stick with it. All my family have their own MDE account, and it works just fine.

Awesome thanks @Nickysyme really appreciate it.

Yes DH has access so you’re right it probably does make sense, as I get close to my FP date I’m second guessing everything!!

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