Linking Memory Maker

I just ordered Memory Maker and while chatting with 2 different CM's they each told me something different and now I am confused. One CM told me that I had to wait to get my card in the mail before linking it to my ticket, the other one told me I can use the confirmation number for the order. The first one also told me that I had to use my MM card at the park to get my pictures, the other one said that since it's linked to my park ticket, I could use that to get my pictures but to keep my MM card with me just in case. Can anyone clarify this for me, please? We are staying off property so we don't have Magic Bands. Thanks!

You can use the confirmation number to link it to your MDE account. If you purchased it through MDE it is most likely already linked. I can't comment on using the ticket vs the MM card as we had MBs. Hopefully someone else can comment.

Do you have a magic band? If you do you do not need to have the card scanned. The photographers will scan your band and ride photos are automatic.