Linking Memory Maker to MDE

I have a package holiday booked for WDW later on this year. Included with this is Memory Maker, Dining Plan, Hotel etc.

One of their emails mentioned setting up MDE, which I did linking my tickets, hotel etc.

At the bottom of MDE, in the Memory Maker section, it says “If you’ve already purchased Memory Maker, be sure to link it to your account.”

To do this I need to satisfy the following:
“Enter your Memory Maker ID or Ticket Order Number. If you purchased Memory Maker as part of a vacation package, link it to your account along with your package reservation. Link package.”

I have tried my booking confirmation reference number & my hotel confirmation number but neither work.
And as far I as can tell I don’t have any other code/number that I can use.

I called the Disney booking helpline and they told me I couldn’t link the Memory Maker until I arrived at the resort and picked up our Magic Bands (I’m coming from UK so they won’t post).

I’m not sure is they misunderstood what I was asking for, or whether their website is misleading saying that I should be able to link it now.

Can anyone confirm/deny what the process actually is in this case?

If you booked the package through the UK-site the Memory Maker is linked to your tickets and will be activated on your arrival day.

That is at least what they told me.

I booked a package through the UK site last June, travelling this March. I was having the same problems linking MM so emailed Disney in July, Their reply is pasted below:-

"Memory Maker will link the account at thirty days prior to your reservation. Unfortunately, we cannot address this issue via this email service.

It will be necessary to contact our Internet Help Desk at 0800 169 0749. They will be able to access your account and determine what they need to do to fix this quickly, prior to your trip. They can be reached 7 days a week, from noon until 4:00am GMT."

So I’m waiting until I reach 30 days prior to us travelling and will try again. Failing that I shall get on the phone!!
Rather annoying as there is no mention of this problem anywhere on the Disney websites :angry:

It kept saying that for me. First day there, had a photo taken, didn’t show up and kept saying ‘link memory maker’. So I went to one of the Photopass help desks and they told me it was linked already, they could see my photo and it just takes a while. And they were right, never had a problem throughout. Some photos took 6 hours ish to arrive but they were all available to download. I think it’s a quirk of the UK package tickets. As long as it says under your ticket something like ‘uk package with park hopper and memory maker’ you’ll be fine. It’s just a little worrying that that is the only confirmation you get. But there are Photopass help desks in every park and they are all super friendly so if you do have any issues they should be able to get it sorted out asap