Linking Family in MDE

My DD18 and I both have our own MDE accounts because she sometimes goes with friends and makes her own plans. DH is just listed in my account because honestly he will never go without me. DD can see all the FP and dining plans I have made for us but DH isn’t listed. It would be nice if she had access to him too so she can grab FP’s for us all. So do I need to make him a full account and link with both of us or is there a way for her to be able to see him as well? TIA

While I’m not exactly sure of the answer, I followed this guide and all worked perfectly. I just can’t remember what we did!

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I had my husband and kids just in my account, and my brother-in-law had my SIL and nieces just in his own account. BIL and I were able to add each other no problem, but whenever we tried to get the people without their own accounts linked it ended up sending the email request to the person sending the request – i.e. I’d get emails for my nieces, he’d get emails for adding my kids. To get everyone linked up to share Memory Maker, we ended up using the same computer: he sent the request to my 3, then logged out, I logged in, clicked the link from his email. Then I sent the request to his 3, logged out, he logged in, clicked the link from my email. It made no sense and I haven’t seen that mentioned anywhere, but eventually worked and we only ever needed the two MDE accounts.

We used the desktop version, and I think tried adding each other from the app too but nothing worked properly until using the links from each other’s email while the other person was logged in.

Thanks! I think this worked. She can see him in her friends and family now, although plans we already have still just show up as the 2 of us. We will play around with her making some FP’s and see if it worked.


We’re in a similar situation with our grown kids for our planned January trip; I’m trying to share Memory Maker with the rest of the family, who are all part of my Family & Friends on my MDE acct. but don’t have their own MDE log-in. You seem to say that it’s possible, but I couldn’t quite follow the “log in and out” process you describe. We’re you talking about logging into the computer, or to MDE? Right now, I’ve sent a “sharing” invitation from my MDE acct to my wife, who does not have her own MDE acct. She receives the email invitation; when she hits “accept” it immediately takes her to the MDE log-in page; if she uses MY log-in, she gets an error message. So I assumed she has to create her own MDE log-in in order for her to share and/or take over control of my Memory Maker stuff. But it sounds like you’ve found a work-around that I’m too dense to comprehend.:grinning:

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If they don’t have their own MDE account, but are managed from your account, there is nothing more you need to do, they automatically are included in your Memory Maker. You only have to do the invitations to people with separate accounts.

Hmmm. Maybe I’m confused by what I see on my MDE Family & Friend section, which lists every member of my party, but doesn’t seem to indicate that they can also participate in planning. Maybe that’s different than just the Memory Maker piece of it/

If they don’t have an account, they can’t participate in planning (unless you give them your account info); another way of saying it is if your account is the only place they exist, planning can only be done from your account.

Okay, I think I get it and thanks for your patience. I’ll ask my other dumb questions about MDE in the parks with multiple family members on a different thread. :slight_smile:

Everyone here is happy to help.

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Hi, sorry for the slow response and I’m glad @jenlsmith answered your question! As she said, if you have someone listed in your account and managed by you, they’re automatically included in your Memory Maker. My 2 kids and my husband didn’t have their own account and any photos they tapped their magic band for automatically got added to my account.

The logging in/logging out thing was related to emails and to MDE. I think it was because my brother-in-law and I were both managing 3 other peoples’ accounts, so getting the 3 without their own accounts added to my friends and family list was the critical part, so that they didn’t have to worry about who tapped for a photo for it to be included in my Memory Maker that I could then download for them.