Linking Dolphin reservation to MDE

Hi all -

I just met with a friend this morning to try to help her with some Disney planning. For Christmas, they are surprising their three children with a trip to WDW (January 2-January 8) - none of them have ever been there before.
So far, they have room-only booked at the Dolphin, which she booked through Expedia. She did not know about MDE so does not have a MDE account yet, and have not ordered tickets yet. Our family has been three times, but always at Disney-owned resorts with a package, so this is a little different for me. I told her first she should create a MDE account, so we can link her hotel reservation to it, and then get her tickets so we can look at some FPP options. Once she creates it, she can link her MDE account to her existing Dolphin reservation, right? Will her Expedia reservation have the account number to use for linking, or does she have to call the resort itself to do this? Thank you!

The great news is that they found you! Yes, the first thing they need to do is to set up a My Disney Experience account. Then, they need to purchase tickets and link them to their acoounts (today!). Since it is under 30 days they can make FPs today before you deal with the linking of room issue. Swan/Dolphin rooms can be linked. I would first see if MDE recognizes the reservation number and if not, call Expedia (maybe repeatedly) for the Disney confirmation number.

Oh, good point, we can do the tickets right away! I’ll have her do that, and we’ll get started. I am so happy to help them; even though it’s a little late for some of those special disney things that require a little more planning in advance, I think we’ll still be able to piece together a great family vacation for them. Even a little planning can go a long way at Disney! Thank you so much for your response.

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