Linking AP's Purchased from Sam's Club in 2019 to MDE

This question is about AP Room discounts. We purchased 4 AP’s from Sam’s Club in 6/2019 which we have been holding in reserve. They don’t expire until 2029. I have not linked them to MDE yet because I’m not sure I want to activate them just yet, and I didn’t want things to get mixed up in MDE by having both AP’s and park tickets in MDE at the same time. (Last 2 trips we used the “Discounted tickets to AP conversion” thing.) However, I am holding a room reservation for May with the “Spring into Magic” 30% discount and have not been able to view availability for the 35% AP Room discount. Is there any way to check availability of rooms with the AP discount without linking my AP’s to MDE?

The only way would be for another AP holder to check rates for you.

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I’m just shocked you guys still have Sam’s Club.

You can link your AP to your MDE account without activating it. You will then have access to the AP discounts. The AP won’t actually be activated until you do it in person at Guest Services.

I did that last year. I bought an AP, and linked it. This gave me access to all the AP discount prices in MDE, but the activation date wasn’t until I actually was there in person in August.

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You could create a dummy person on your MDE account and link the AP to them so you can check the AP rates. Then, when you want to use the AP later, you can reassign the AP to the actual profile.

I have an AP voucher on my own profile right now from before-times - here’s how the reassign process looks like in the app.


Thanks all! :heart: