Linked reservations with different check in days FPP Question

We have a party of 6 (my family of 4 plus my sister in law and her partner) traveling to WDW around Thanksgiving. My family of 4 has a one week earlier check in date than my sister in law. In other words, our WDW trips overlap on the second week of the respective vacations.

Since my FPP window opens earlier and we are all linked can I make FPP reservations for the entire party of 6 at that time? I will only be making FPP for those days my sister in law has park tickets, but it would allow us to ride hard to get rides like FOP or SDD together. I thought I read that onsite guests can make FPP reservations for offsite guests at 60 days for linked reservations, so this would be similar except that my sister in law and her partner are staying onsite but just have a later check in date.

Yes you can!

Make sure you can actually see everyone in your SIL’s party in MDE now, to avoid any problems on the FP day.

If she has a package, then just be aware she may end up getting an email warning her that her FPs will be deleted. That’s because there will be a week during which her FPs are more than 60 days out. They won’t be deleted though.

There are two things to remember:

  • your SIL’s group must all be in an FP group with at least one of your party (you cannot book a completely separate FP for just them).

  • you probably won’t be able to modify their FPs until their 60 day window opens. So any tinkering with times may have to wait until then.


Thank you for this great question! My sister is coming for the middle part of our week and I wondered if I’d have to wait to do hers!

Thanks! Very helpful information.