Linked reservations and FPP bookings?

My traveling party is six people. We are checking in on the same day, 11/22 at the Dolphin, so we have the 60 day window to book FPP.

My family of 4 arrives early so we are planning a park day on arrival. My sister in law and spouse get in later so they will not go to a park and as such have bought park tickets for one less day than us.

I plan on making the FPP for the entire group. My question is — will I be able to make their FPP reservations at the same time as us (60 days out from 11/22 for the entire trip) even though they have a one day less park ticket - the first day specifically. I’m not sure how the new ticketing of particular days affects FFP reservations, if at all.

Let me try my best to answer this.
Yes you can make their FPP reservations.
You will only be able to make them FPP reservations for the number of days they have tickets.

My sister is joining us on a military ticker for 4 days of our 10 day trip.
I can make her 4 days of FPP reservations along with ours. But only 4 days.


Thanks. I think I get it. It’s more about the reservation window where I can book their days FPP with ours even though they have no ticket for check in day. Obviously they don’t get FPP for days they don’t have tickets.

To put it another way — the reservation window opens based on your resort check in day even if you only had one park day ticket you planned to use at the tail end of your stay.


Yes FPs open 60 days from check in day.

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