Lining up for Jedi Training

Where is the best place to line up for Jedi Training

You will want to get to the park as early as humanly possible. Position yourself and your padawan as close to the street that Hollywood & Vine is on. Make a left right before you get to Keystone Clothiers. Walk with purpose when you are allowed to down that street to sign up.

So, in general, edge towards the left as you walk down Hollywood Blvd, but don’t overshoot the left turn.

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We actually have a 0800 Hollywood and vine reservation. I am sorry I actually meant what side to line up when getting ready to do the Jedi fighting

You know, I wondered if that was what you meant. I can’t recall how that goes. When my daughter did it, they didn’t really give her a choice as to where to stand. They just filled everyone in, I think by height. But, that was on that given day. The cast members were particularly surly.