Lines for 7DMT and Peter Pan after an breakfast reservation for 8:15 at BOG

My touring plan (Happy Family One Day) suggests a 9:00 FP+ for 7DMT and a 10:00 FP+ for Peter Pan. But, since we have an 8:15 breakfast reservation at BOG, I was hoping that we could get on the 7DMT before rope drop and then speed over to Peter Pan. Is this possible? I can’t tell that the plan takes the breakfast reservations into consideration. Is it not a sure thing?

Problem is, my ds and I want to ride all the mountains and Space Ranger spin in one day. I want to save my FP+s for some of them, but I don’t want to drop the great advice touringplans gives either!

I would probably book FPP for 7DMT, Space and Splash. Riding PP first followed by BTMR. If you’ve finished breakfast by 8:45 I would add in 7DMT before PP

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As long as there is no EMM on your day, your plan should work.

You might not be able to get on 7DMT before RD (however, in the past, I was able to get on shortly before the 9am RD when coming out from breakfast at BOG. You should be able to get them both done right at RD. What I would do is walk over to 7DMT as soon as you leave BOG and then go over to Peter Pan after you get off 7DMT. I would save your FP for the other rides you want to do, or even adjust and go backk and do BTM and Spash Mountain first thing, then use FP for the SDMT and PP.

Here is what it looks like for one on the trip that my wife and I are going 3/9/19 - 3/16/19, we are going to MK a few days. On the touring plan that we made up for 3/14, Park hours are 9am - 10pm. We have Jungle Cruise (14 min wait), POTC (wait 10 min), SM (14 min wait) BTM (wait of 7 min with a FP) That means that we will get 4 major attractions in just over 1 1/2 hours.
Hope this helps.

Instead of using one of the pre-made plans, make your own personalized touring plans and then optimize it to help you figure out what FPP reservations will be best for you. Here are some tips on how to do this:

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I really like @Tate Plan.

Last March, we were out of BOG at 8:45.
We headed under the castle to watch the beginning of “Let the Magic Begins”.
Very fun to see all the characters passing and waving at us before going on stage.

Even though it was an Early Morning Magic, we headed in line for Peter Pan’s Flight, were let in right at 9:00 (walk-on) and back outside at 9:07.
Really nice to experience one of the nicest queue in MK (skipped with FP+)

From there, I would ride BTMR (9:15 - 9:30) and Splash Mountain (9:30 - 10:00), and probably Pirates and/or Haunted Mansion before lines go crazy.

You could then easily come back to the right side of the park and use your FP+ for 7DMT, Buzz and Space.

As stated before, they’re not allowing guests to enter 7DMT before 9:00 on EMM days.
As for 7DMT, even on non-EMM days, they may not start the ride before 8:50.
Personnaly, I would not take the risk to arrive at Peter Pan’s Flight after the inital 9:00 rush, while wait times at BTMR and Splash are minimal before 9:30.

On last thing: I’ve heard that they are letting anyone with reservations earlier than 8:45 as early as 8:00 at BOG, saving you some time for your breakfast and still be out at 8:45 (Do the pre-order, it really saves some time)

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Yes, I’ve done this plan before. Often but not always they will let you on 7DMT prior to 9am (meaning you’re probably off the ride and waiting at PP when the fireworks go off). When that happens, it’s perfection, and it’s why I love having PPO breakfast at BOG (even though the food is too expensive and good but not fabulous). TP doesn’t account for PPO 7DMT, so I leave it off my plan and put PP first, knowing that that’s the plan. Saves 2 biggie FPs for other things. Worst case you have a 20 minute wait for PP. Still not bad.


We had a PPO ADR for BOG. We did get to ride 7dmt, but by the time we got off, rope droppers were already getting in line for PPF. A family that rode 7dmt with us saw the situation and were scurrying over. Not sure how well they fared.

When is your trip? Peter Pan is closed for “enhancements” so be sure to check that it will be open.

Not until March. I think it’ll be open again then, but I’ll double check. Thanks for the info!

Peter Pan is scheduled to open Feb 2