"Lines" FastPass+ Availability and Dining Questions

Hi there, newbie here and I’m hoping that somebody can help answer a couple of questions…

When I check the “FastPass+ Availability” option on the “Lines” iPhone app and then select a park, I notice that under each attraction it lists “Party of 1”. Is there a way I can change this, either thru the mobile app or on the website, so it reports FastPass+ availability for a “Party of 4”? Or am I overthinking this and although it says “Party of 1”, I should be able to book a party of 4 fastpasses for that time?

Also, is there any way to check for available dining reservations on the mobile “Lines” app?

Sorry if these questions have been asked before, I did try to search for answers and come up short. Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance.

There’s no way to change it from a party of 1. The idea is just really to show if there’s any chance at all or if all FP have gone.

You can’t check ADR availability on the app. Touring Plans does have a free dining search though - you put in what you are looking for (2 restaurants max) and you will get text/email alerts if something becomes available. You have to be quick though to get it before it is snapped up. The link is on your dashboard, or google Touring Plans reservation finder.

Great, thank you for the information.

You’re welcome :blush:

That reservation finder is the best. I suggest getting the text message alert so that you’ll know instantly and not have to wait to check your email.