Lines down

Can’t seem to access lines or dashboard either on web or app. Anyone else having problems. ??? @len

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Yes same here. My I cannot sleep fix wasn’t working.

Me too

Down for me too

And lines looks to be back but looks like it’s going through the web not the app …(so not a techie bro hope that makes sense)


Was down, then up on web, and now neither. It’s Saturday. I need my lines chat!


Feel sorry for those planning on using app in park today I always print mine instead and don’t optimise as prefer to make plans with evaluate.

@daybreaker_ @daybreaker @Lentesta

Any ETA?

iPhone app redirects to safari. And the touring plan feature is all wonky too.

I got in from my Internet app on my galaxy. Appears to be reformatted. Now we need to get used to it.

Yep, very frustrating!! I’ve completed BOG bfast and 7DMT, now waiting for A&E. Ggrrrr

Sitting at HS with my guidemap and times guide… Because lines is down and my phone makes a mess of the webpage. Kinda a pain.

I wrote our plan on a hotel notepad! We got started late but I can’t optimize now!


It’s all pretty wonky on my iPhone; glad I’m using my laptop…

I can see it on Safari on my iPhone and can start a new post, but can’t comment on any existing post.

Web app is funky… trying to enter the Fastpass+ reservations I made for my trip in October and my touring plan for Epcot is busted. Broken HTML for show times, can’t click Optimize, etc.

Same issues. Can’t optimize plans. App redirects to a browser. Only good part for me is this is an Epcot day when I personally need it the least.

I need my Chat!!! Was working earlier by directing me via Safari on my iPhone but now I’m getting an error message :disappointed_relieved:


Me too @glamourgirl, I was fine with it redirecting to the webpage but now it won’t do that either. I don’t know what to do with myself!


Don’t have wAit times or anything in the park

Is there any official support posting or blog or anything where they would post status updates?