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I was disappointed with the Universal Orlando Lines app. I have used this site and purchased subscriptions for both Disneyland and Disney World and have had amazing experiences with both so it was a given that I would purchase the subscription for Universal this trip. Unfortunately, this app was useless for Universal. This could be partially due to Universal’s option to purchase an express pass to skip the regular lines rather than Disney’s fastpass option which does not need to be purchased.

I did not have an Express pass, but I found the Universal app to be useless once we were in the parks as well. The wait times were way off, and the official Universal App was far more accurate. But I’m not sorry to have purchased the subscription if only because it led me to these forums! I do plan to purchase the WDW subscription once we are within throwing distance of our 2020 trips.

Sorry to hear that you were not satisfied with the app. However, this is primarily a user forum, and complaints about the Touring Plans products/services are best sent to

I’m not making a complaint to the company, I simply wanted to inform potential users about which apps are most useful

I’m sorry you felt that way. I’ve used the app for my last few trips, and found it helpful in telling me where crowds of people would generally be, even if the wait times weren’t entirely spot-on. I think the main problem is that most of us in the know use Express Pass, so we are unable to contribute “on the street” actual wait times because we’re not waiting in the long lines.

I found the app usable. But I was at the lowest crowd time period in September (2’s & 3’s out of 10). While not "perfectly accurate, it was able to tell me whether it was worth heading to a ride or not and was accurate within 15 min. Again, it was a low attendance time and I didn’t really need it. But I checked it for accuracy sometimes while I waited in line.

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