Lines app v. MyDisneyExperience Lines

Does the Lines app provide any different, or additional, data that the Disney Lines app doesn’t provide? (ie: are they both showing the same information?)

The lines app will show you an Expected wait and a posted wait. So for example right this second 7DMT is posted at 140 minutes, but TP says the “expected” wait is only a mere 114 minutes. MDE will just show you that “posted” wait time which sometimes can be what DIS wants it to be to modify line behavior. The best example of this is near park close, the times will often shoot up as they try to dissuade you from joining the line…


The Touring Plans app also has tidbits like this currently for FOP: “Ride Now. Lines not shorter until 7:00pm. Lines increase until 4:15pm (117 min). Next shortest after that at 7:00pm (40 min)”

Kali says "Wait. Shorter lines occur soon."
Dinosaur “Wait. Lines dropping until 9:00pm (13 min)”

That kind of insight can be quite valuable for an off the cuff decision on what to ride next.


Thank you! This is really good to know!!

I didn’t even know Lines had tips like this. I obviously need to spend some time playing with the app before my trip.

The lines app also has chat. It has helped me so much in the park : where do I get a taxi in HS? Where can I find those pretzels? I am at BC, fastest way to WL?

So many great answers!


I had no idea it had chat! I can see that coming in handy!

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The Lines app can show all your personalized touring plans you made. Disney has no such thing.

EDIT: I don’t think Disney uses “Lines” as part of their app name. It’s usually referred to as DME. You must use DME for making FPP and ADR, and doing mobile ordering at QS restaurants.

EDIT2: Oops! MDE (My Disney Experience) not DME (Disney’s Magical Express - bus).

The Lines app will also show actual wait times recently measured by other Liners which I find to be more accurate over the short term.

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