Lines app problems

Anyone else having trouble with the app today. It tells me to subscribe. I know this happened before and you just hit subs button then enter your id and you are in but when I hit subscribe button it doesn’t do anything so I cant log in? Have uninstalled and reinstalled still the same. Plus web site chat looks different. Anyone else having problems ??

I just got on it with no problem so maybe it’s sorted itself out.

I sent an email and a screen shot this morning since the “home” button is missing from the top at least on IOS and that is what I use to refresh.

thanks I will play about with it later and send an e-mail. I looks like the log in button is missing on the app. It’s the same for Uni lines but DLR lines still has it. However when I tried to use it I got page not found. Home button is missing for me also on web browser

Yes, I had the same problem on my phone and couldn’t figure a way to log in. I tried clicking every “subscribe” link I could see and nothing happened. The navigation buttons at the bottom of the app seemed to work fine, but I couldn’t click on anything inside the main panel.

I emailed web master and they replied to log in !!! Bit difficult when no log in button. I have replied with details of what is and isn’t happening as Ive lost the web access for chat also which I did have earlier… Currently I have dashboard with touring plans crowd calander etc on pc but no access to anything via apps. PC web chat is telling me to subscribe but that button takes me to a page not found message. I’m sure it will get fixed.

Update. Log in button has re appeared All is well.

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Mine, too, but it looks like they went back to an earlier version of the software (or changed something else), because when I look at Lines on the computer I no longer see the “Unsupported Browser” warning that appeared earlier today (I was using Firefox version 43.0.4, in case anyone’s interested)

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I saw it was missing as well. If you hit the chat button at the bottom of the screen it will do the same thing. Refresh and take you to page 1 of the chat.