Lines app- Missing attractions?

I’m new to the Lines App. I am trying to create a custom touring plan for my family’s trip in June. I can’t find Big Thunder Mountain or Jungle Cruise on the list for Magic Kingdom. Am I missing something?

They are both listed in the FP+ section, but not in the general “add attraction” section.

They’re both under the “Headliner” attractions, BTM is 3 down under the title (Astro Orbiter, then Barnstormer, then Big Thunder). Jungle Cruise is a bit further down the list (Haunted Mansion, then Small World, then the Cruise).

Hmm…I don’t see that. I created new Magic Kingdom plan. Then I went to +Step at the top right hand corner. That brings me to “Add Plan Step” There is a drop down menu called “–Pick an Attraction!–” I hit that, and a drop down menu appears. It goes:
7 Dwarves
Ariel’s Grotto
Astro Orbiter
Buzz Lightyear
Carousel of Progres
And so on… Skips BTMR and Jungle Cruise.

I don’t see an option for Headliners. At least on the app in the area I am working.

I would definitely recommend working from the Touring Plans website on a computer instead of through the app. The app is more designed to be active while you’re in the park (submitting wait times, checking off steps as you complete them, etc.), where the website is better for initial plan building. You’ll probably have a much easier time on the website if you’re able to access it

Good to know! Thanks!

Is BTM closed on the date you are making the plan for?

I don’t think that’s the case. The app is definitely missing several attractions if you’re trying to create a TP inside of it. As mentioned earlier, the website is the best way to make TPs.

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THere was a recent update to the app.

Could it possibly be that those rides were down when I was trying to add them? My daughter happened to be looking at My Disney Experience and noticed that both those rides were closed at the same time I was trying to add them (rain? ride malfunction?). I assume the app pulls from real time even if trying to plan for a future date.

Yes, if you don’t specify a date the app assumes that you are planning in real time. As others have mentioned, the on-line version is much better for advance planning, and it has more features.

As far as I know I was planning for my trip in June. I selected the park for the date and then clicked in that section to create the plan. I’ll have to explore more on the computer.

I just double checked. The dates for the days I was planning were the correct dates in June. I also checked MDE. Both jungle cruise and BTMR are currently closed for refurb. So at least on the app, it appears that if a ride is currently closed, you can’t choose it for the future when making plans.

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Ok, that doesn’t sound right - the it should be filtering attractions based on the selected dates. E-mail, explaining the problem and giving the plan URL.

Woo for finding easter eggs! :slight_smile: My guess is the fix will be to not allow future dates via the app… just not built to handle the features that are on the browser (e.g. re-order steps, give feedback).