Lines App - how to show notes on plans

I can’t figure out how to see my notes in my touring plans in the Lines app. Is this not possible? I was hoping to use the Lines app in the parks, but if I can’t see my notes it will be useless to me. See examples (from web browser and app):



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Oh man.

I have to say I did not care at all for the new layout/look/functionality of the touringplan on my last visit which was the first since the changeover. In any case, the notes are super important and I sure hope there is a way to view them.


Huh, weird! Hopefully TP has an answer.

But, FWIW if you need an alternate note method: I’ve found setting up a Google Keep note and then adding a location-based reminder is a game changer for me. (Keep uses Google Maps as it’s location engine, so you can look up any location by typing the name.)

For instance, whenever I visit hit Home Depot I tend to forget at least 1 crucial item. So, now I just keep a Home Depot note in Keep with a location reminder. Every time I realize I need something I add it to the list immediately - so the next time I’m there it pops up on my phone as I drive in to the lot.

(I believe ToDoist app also has location reminders.)


It’s not possible yet on the new app - it’s on our list of things to do.

You can still access the old Lines interface through your phone’s browser at, and that has notes.


Thank you sir!

I just published all my TP and then saved the links in a list in my phone. Notes plus the summary map are both helpful for me and they sync if I optimize or whatever.



oooo I think this is my favorite. Thanks!


I’m also less likely to accidentally optimize with it being read-only because I’m a scrolling klutz! :laughing:


Yeah the map is so helpful!